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Everyone has joined in the bandwagon on getting that additional space in the form of a self storage unit. Whether it is for individual storage needs or to serve business purposes, customers of Platinum Removals recognize our high quality and affordable rental rates. We have various sizes of self storage units in our vastly located self storage facilities which will ensure that just about anyone can easily afford the additional storage space they need and deserve. We also have several different bundle deals for both our customers as well as our corporate clients. The longer you store with us, the cheaper the rental rates will be. Our facilities are equipped with the latest high-tech surveillance systems and we have in store other features like climate control to suit every one of your different storage needs. You can rest assured that your belongings will always be in safe hands regardless of the type of items that you decide to store with us. Since our self storage facilities are vastly located, it simply goes to mean that everyone can have the unit they need and we will not have a lack of space for anyone.

Furniture Storage Solutions and Bulky Items

It is not an easy task to take on when it comes to handling bulky items that are both heavy and fragile and move them into a safe and sec ure furniture storage unit. At Platinum Removals & Storage, we have just the right team of professionals who have been handling such a task with ease. Every removalist is AFRA-trained so as to ensure that every piece of furniture remains in its original state when it arrives at the new location or stay secure at a storage unit. Let us handle this heavy labour task for you so that you […]

Personal Storage in Sydney

Have you ever experienced a serious lack of storage for your precious valuables that you cannot bear to part with? Platinum Removals has just the right storage solution for you. With a mobile pod costing only $100/month with 10m3 of ample space, you can store your entire bedroom unit with ease and more. We will also provide free premium moving blankets to provide that additional sense of assurance for you to have that peace of mind as an added protection layer for your items especially those fragile valuables. You can now store any items that you wish whether it is […]

Moving bulky furniture into Storage

So you’ve decided that you need to put those lawn furniture pieces into storage or perhaps that headboard that needs to be repaired can’t be shipped just right now, and everything seems to be piling up in the garage. The solution in the form of a storage unit has been found, but just how are you going to get everything properly moved to the warehouse? As a moving and removals company, Platinum Removals has helped countless customers move their furniture removals in Sydney, not only in home moving, but also into storage units and we share some tips here so […]

How to use Self Storage Units to Complement your Business

Self storage has been booming in the last decade and it’s no wonder why. Everybody wants and needs space for various reasons – to carry out business activities, to keep items of all sorts on a long term basis, and even as a place to just put your things down for a while. And this is where self storage can come in to help more people around the world and especially companies that are trying to figure out how to operate within the constraints of their rented premises. Platinum Removals Sydney, Eastern Suburbs has a track record of helping expanding […]

Keeping your Storage unit Organized

It’s rather ironic to think that a storage unit needs to also be properly managed and kept clean and tidy since the reason you have a storage unit is to keep your home free of clutter and disorganization. But the truth is that every space needs to be sorted out in order for things to be manageable! So just like your attic or garage, it’s important to take a bit of time to make sure that you’ve done what you can to keep your storage unit in good shape. Platinum Removals Sydney, Eastern Suburbs has put together a short list […]

How to Use Self Storage

Self storage is the one great invention of the century. People love to buy things for themselves but with all the things that people are accumulating and bringing back to their homes, there is always a demand for more space! For all those documents, clothes, furniture items and anything else that you find is starting to clutter your house, you’ve decided they need to be put aside for a little while and self storage definitely looks like the perfect solution to the problem! But where to start and how does it work? Platinum Removals gives you the brief on how […]

How to have a Safe Self Storage experience

Many people decide to move their things out to a self storage warehouse for all sorts of reasons. It could be because you’re in between homes and need to temporarily hold your items somewhere, you could be trying to get a few rooms of your home organized, or you just simply just need more space! But in your own home where you can have your items within your sight and you can control who can access these items, will the self storage facility be able to provide you with the same level of security and safe-keeping? Most companies that handle […]