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We all have heard it at least once in our lifetime that being insured is for our own good. Regardless of whether it is a life insurance or any other types of insurance coverage, the main objective of it is to give you peace of mind in whichever aspect that you need. Platinum Removals does not deny that we are all professionals within the removals and storage sector and our removalists are all AFRA-trained to handle your home or office removals with much ease and caution. Nevertheless, we simply cannot simply disregard how nature works and that human error still persists. We also have to factor in various other unforeseen circumstances into the formula such as bad weather and also unexpected traffic conditions. As such, we strongly recommend our customers to purchase an insurance coverage plan with our partners at discounted rates. The purpose is to ensure that you will get reimbursements should your items incur damages by our own staff or due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Our strong recommendation is not because we anticipate accidents from occurring but we cannot simply disregard that unexpected scenarios will still happen regardless of how cautious we may all be.

How does Content Insurance work for House Removals?

When it comes to house or office removals, it can be hard to entrust all your worldly professions into the hands of the professionals. There is always a worry that things may get broken or scuffed or damaged during the process. Even with the most careful of removalist teams, there is a chance that something may happen beyond the control of anyone too – bad weather or a traffic accident caused by someone else or even theft or fire while things are in the midst of the move! That is why it is so important to consider content insurance or […]