Removal Checklist

Use Platinum Removals’ checklist to make your home relocation or office move easier and ensure you don’t forget anything on the day of the move.

Prior to Removal Day

  • Decide on moving date
  • Call Platinum Removals and book your move date
  • Order packing supplies from Platinum Removals
  • Sort and discard or donate unwanted items.
  • Clearly mark all fragile boxes and consolidate to one area
  • Separate and label all items needed on moving day e.g. keys medicines toiletries
  • Start reducing food in fridge and pantry
  • Confirm parking/elevator booking for the day
  • Confirm property settlement times
  • Notify your neighbours of your move date

Change of Address

  • Friends and relatives
  • Telephone/mobile
  • Internet
  • Electricity/gas
  • TV cable
  • Water
  • Home security
  • Removal Insurance
  • Banks and financial
  • Companies
  • Vets/pets
  • Council
  • Motor registration
  • Drivers licence
  • Electoral role
  • Redirect mail Australia Post
  • Memberships & subscriptions

Day before Removal Day

  • Disconnect washing machine and let hoses drain
  • Disconnect BBQ gas bottle
  • Prepare other appliances for removal
  • Empty fridge & freezer contents into cooler box or esky
  • All small items packed into boxes
  • Check parking for removals truck
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