#1 Furniture Removal Services

Furniture Removals is the bread and butter of Platinum Removals.

Having been well trained and experienced with all sorts of different situations when it comes to moving and relocations, you can trust that our team will execute your move with precision!

Our highly versatile team of expert removalists come to you with their hearts into their work. We give you removals services with a passion and dedication that you won’t find in any other removals company. Especially when it comes to such a situation for your family, you’ll want people around you that you can trust, that’s why our guys are polite, accountable and you’ll never see us late for a delivery or pick-up! We want you to feel comfortable with us handling all of your precious items!

It’s not just our attitude that you’ll love either. We have dealt with moving huge sofas that can’t fit in the lifts, broken down elevators are no match for our team of removalists! Manoeuvring oddly shaped items around banisters and door frames and making sure that your items are properly protected and padded when we load them up is what you’re going to find we do very well, thank you very much! We have all sorts of different tools that we use to make the move happen – furniture pads, straps, trolleys, dollies… You name it, our removals teams has it down!

You’ll also be happy to know that we have all sorts of special storage equipment like plasma boxes for the fragile and expensive items like your flat screen TV. Besides blanket furniture pads, and portable wardrobes for protection, we can also handle basic dismantling when we pick things up for the move and rest assured we’re equally as skilled at reassembling when we get to your destination too.

When you hire Platinum Removals to help you out on a move, you can count on us to ensure that you’re all set. Our move coordinators who help our customers ensure that their relocation and removals are carried out smoothly is at your service if you need some information or help to get everything on schedule and coordinated! Our Team leaders are managing your team of removalists on the day of removals too so that you will always have someone dedicated to the operation that you can look to if you have any doubts at all.

Last but not least, you can also ask about our extra services that we can include in your removals package to make the whole project happen that much more measured and calculated for you while you handle the other administrative issues, or even put up your feet while we do the work!

Ask us about our packing services as well as our partners who are adept at staging your home and rearranging your furniture in the house to maximise its potential. Because we are great at furniture removals, you can rest assured that we take the same amount of care at adjusting or shifting furniture around the home, even if they never leave the premises!

Furniture Removals with Platinum Storage can give you the peace of mind that your expensive household items are well-taken care of during a move. Don’t hesitate to call us for a no obligations quote today!