Sydney CBD Removalists

platinum removals removalist carrying box

Our moving company dominates the services needed by Sydney office and businesses. We’re a best-in-class Sydney CBD removalist service.

With our head office located in Bellevue Hills just east of the Sydney CBD, Platinum Removals has been servicing the Sydney CBD for over four years now.

Areas We Serve: Sydney CBD, Ashfield, Bondi Beach, Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, Lower North Shore, Northern Districts, Warringah, Woollahra

We cater to both home and office removals clients in all areas of the central business district, from Sydney Cove to Circular Quay and everywhere in between.

Platinum Removals & Storage is a best-in-class removals company in Sydney with years of experience in the industry and an attitude that just won’t quit when it comes to the tedious and arduous task of getting everything organized and shipped out when you’re moving from one place to another. Our removalist team has a fantastic reputation in the Sydney CBD because so many Australians have seen our impeccable service standards and attitudes when it comes to helping you take care of an otherwise stressful and physically tiring job – and they love how we set out to tackle out work!

You can count on us to always have the right idea when it comes to taking care of removal things around and packing things up – we’ve got a team of absolutely professional and courteous removalists who are dedicated to be punctual, careful of your items and belongings and above all, EFFICIENT in helping you to get things done!

You don’t want to be wasting time with the semantics of moving things around – you’re excited to get into your house and making it a home! And with Platinum Removals, you can have a choice of exactly how you’d like to go about it. We aren’t just a moving company that helps you to move things around – we help you with packing and getting everything placed just exactly as you need it – and you have a choice to control costs by opting for a less comprehensive package and chipping in to take care of some of the smaller tasks while we worry about the heavy lifting!

With Platinum Removals, you can count on our range of removal services to be exactly what you need. We’ll help you out with the relocation and removal needs that you dread to get a start on and get you to where you need to go in no time at all. At Platinum Removals, we say that we love the work you hate and we’re not kidding! We can’t wait to show you how good we are at it too!

Self Storage with Platinum Removals

Did you know how much self storage can simplify your removals job? If you never thought about it, let us tell you about how our mobile storage allows you to better manage your move and make things happen a lot more efficiently when you’re ready to move homes! Costs in the Sydney CBD can be high, but our storage options are affordable, low-cost, and some might even say “cheap.”

Platinum Removals holds a large set of portable storage units that are perfect for the long or short term storage of your furniture, appliances, or even business equipment when you need to get some things out of your property and on to the next location. Our storage modules are made of an industrial quality plywood which allows the free flow of air through the walls of the storage unit and this keeps all of your items fresh and crisp when you store with us when you’re moving. Especially when it’s upholstery and linens that are being stored, you want to ensure that the humidity and condensation level in your storage unit is as low as possible. That’s why we have specially constructed our self storage units this way – to provide you with that assurance.

While we guarantee you with high quality and secure storage space, you can continue to go about planning and executing your home move with the peace of mind that your belongings are in a safe place. Using our storage space will ensure that you also have the convenience of moving all your household items to their respective places at your convenience. Instead of having to deal with the bulk of the items at one shot on moving day, and within a time limit, you can do so when you and the rest of your family is more relaxed!

Find out more about how much some additional storage space can make your life easier, both while you’re on a move and when you’re done with the move! If you’re looking for a longer term for storage, just speak with our sales consultants so that you can have a full idea of the cost of storage with us. And we’re not shy to admit that our self storage prices are the lowest available in the market here too!