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Moving out, whether to a new home or to a self storage could be a scary experience if you do not prepare early and well enough. Things could go haywire especially if you lack of manpower to help you especially with removals and loading and unloading. Platinum Removals has been doing removals and storage for years down the road so it is a breeze for our professionally-trained removalists. Being AFRA-trained means that they can handle any item with much ease including the most bulky of objects. This is a huge contrast against our family and friends who are willing to help out during the actual moving day. They may have the desired strength and time, but how careful can they be with your belongings? Do they give you the peace of mind that you are looking for especially with your fragile items? Why take the risk when Platinum Removals is all you need for an affordable and trusted removals company? There are many packages in store for you to choose from so you only need to pay for what you use. Whether you only need manpower for removals or to help you out from the beginning of the moving journey, let us know today.

Your Moving Checklist

House removals on the horizon means that your household is in a flurry of activity – everybody is getting ready for the big move, there’s packing and sorting and perhaps a lot of social outings to say goodbye to the hard and fast friends that you’ve made before now. Having to make headway on the move and the things associated with the move seems like you’re dragging your feet to the gallows, but eventually…. Let Platinum Removals Hills District help you with a simple list of things to take care of when it comes to moving so that you can […]

Saving Money on A Move

Moving homes around the Lower North Shore of Sydneyis a big affair for the whole family! It’s a whole new environment and a new community that you’ll be entering into. It can be quite stressful on you especially if you have elderly parents and young kids with you in tow! But what could potentially be more stressful and worrisome, is the cost of it all. As if the house or apartment and the renovations weren’t enough, you have to worry about hiring packers and movers to help you get things organized and shipped to the new destination! Keep the Volume […]

Finding the Perfect Moving and Removals Company

These days there are plenty of people offering their services in moving and removals in Sydney CBD. It may be difficult for you to narrow down the choices to one that will work for you and amidst all the hustle and bustle of moving homes, you may not have the time to scrutinize them all! Platinum Removals holds ourselves at a very high bar because of our passion for the service we provide, so we’d like to share with you what we think is important when it comes to selecting the perfect removals company. Quotations and Comparisons This might seem […]

Thinking about moving in together?

Going through house removals around Woollahra because you’ve got somebody who wants to share a house with you is very different from normal house removals for a lot of reasons! It’s not like moving in with a housemate or sharing your parents’ home, there’s emotional involvement and that can make this home removal a particularly complicated decision to make! We examine some things that you may want to look at when you decide to pack up and move in together here…. 1) Why move in together? There can be lots of reasons for moving in together, but it’s a good […]

Getting Ready for A Moving Sale

When you decide to move homes and are expecting the house removals to come in and bring your things to your new house or apartment, the biggest task there is to do is pack. And it’s inevitable that you’ll decide not to bring some things along with you. But instead of throwing things away, what about holding a garage or moving sale so that you can earn a little off your items and perhaps put the money towards your moving costs! Platinum Removals gives you 4 simple steps to host a simple and successful moving sale here! 1) Plan and […]

Coping with the Stress of Moving

House removals are a flurry of activity. There are companies to be contacted – the utilities, movers, packers and facilities and council boards, there are things to be packed – furniture, clothes, appliances and documents, and there are a thousand and one other things that need to be coordinated so that things can go smoothly on the actual moving day when removalists come by to get things moved. We know that sometimes things can get out of hand, but in order to prevent a breakdown and-or chaos from happening, here are some things that you can do to help you […]