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Introduction to Home Packing Service

When you decide to move to new locations, moving is only half of the battle. Unfortunately, the other half of that scenario includes packing all your things, dealing with the stress that comes with it, and constantly worrying that any of your fragile things have the possibility of being damaged during the transport. To lessen your worries about moving, Home Packing Services are available for you. Platinum Removals is not only for you when you’re on the move in transporting your possessions from one place to another. Nor is it just for you when you want to store your belongings […]

5 Common Questions About Moving and Storage Services

Moving away can get very stressful physically. You just can’t help but think of additional hands that can carry some of your heaviest things for you. Furthermore, there are some things that you need to have sorted out first before settling down into your new locations. Platinum Removals is an industry-leading service provider to make your moves easy. Here are a few questions you might have before deciding to plunge in your moving plans: What is a moving and storage service? Moving services are your everyday solutions should you ever decide to move to another place or location. Is moving […]

5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Moving and Storage Service

Moving is definitely one of those tiring tasks that can drain anybody’s energy. Transporting your things can cost you all your energy and patience and it sometimes turns stressful when you stare at all your things and realise there’s a lot you need to do to pack them in and move them away. Moving Day can easily turn into your very own Doom’s Day. On top of that, apart from the horrors of moving, storage can also cause additional problems for you. Do you know where to put away that really big cabinet you can’t seem to fit in your […]

What to Do When Planning a Large Scale Office Move

Moving from one place to another regardless of the area can be a hassle. Put aside the social matters a bit, the logistics of handling such duties is no joke. Basically, there is a lot that goes into a relocation process. This specifically is what makes people deter from moving in the first place.  All in all, this should not worry you when you want to move. This is because we can help you by providing a list of things you need to do when planning one.  1.Select one Place For all your Notes Moving is a process that drains […]

5 Reasons why Hiring a Professional Cleaner is Cost-efficient in Sydney

Hiring a professional cleaner is one of the options that most homeowners and office users will hardly give a thought. However, they aren’t unwilling to have their home sparkled by trained cleaners. They believe cleaning costs hurt both feet and legs. According to Payscale, the average cost for professional cleaning in Australia is AU$21.84 Per Hour. What to pay for maybe less or more by AU$5, depending on factors such as the size of the municipality, types of cleaning services, and the type of service provider you are working with.  However, there is no doubt that most cleaners will guarantee […]

Storage Services in Sydney: 5 Important Things to Know

Do you own a lot of items in your house? Are your closets full, your garage has no extra space for anything new, and your guest house has become a storeroom? Despite having all these items, do you feel like you need each one of them and are not ready to sell or give away? If that is the case, then you could greatly benefit from storage services.  In Sydney, storage services are offered by different companies, to help you keep your items safe until you need them again.  To help you decide what is best for you, below are […]

How to decide if you need a storage unit

Storage units are secure spaces that you rent to keep commercial or personal goods for a specified amount of time. They are convenient, and saves money and time, especially when you have fragile items. Transporting goods can be costly and tiresome, therefore, instead of carrying them to and fro, you can keep them in a storage unit until you need them.  Storage facilities are not all the same, they are different in many aspects to suit every customer. If you are wondering if you need a storage unit, below are points to consider. 1. Size The size of the storage […]

Things to consider when choosing a storage unit

It is not everyday that homeowners and small to medium scale business owner contemplate renting a temporary storage space. So we came up with a cheat sheet of things to consider when choosing a storage unit. Whether you want to rent a space for decluttering your home, provide space for renovation or for the temporary storage of goods while moving out, these factors will help you a bunch.  One thing to keep in mind is the fact that there is no order of things here. Your individual taste and preference is the main guiding factor. As far as our list […]