5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Moving and Storage Service

Delivery men moving sofa in room at new home

Moving is definitely one of those tiring tasks that can drain anybody’s energy. Transporting your things can cost you all your energy and patience and it sometimes turns stressful when you stare at all your things and realise there’s a lot you need to do to pack them in and move them away. Moving Day can easily turn into your very own Doom’s Day.

On top of that, apart from the horrors of moving, storage can also cause additional problems for you. Do you know where to put away that really big cabinet you can’t seem to fit in your new place with all the clattered boxes around? Maybe not. Perhaps it’s time for you to contact your local moving and storage company.

Here in Platinum Removals, we do the move for you. These are things you need to know first to ensure that you’re going to book for the correct service that will give you the most stress-free move of your life:


You need to know the kind of service you need in order to make your move as relaxed for you as possible. The point of getting your local removalists is to make the move to your new home or new place as convenient and seamless as possible. Platinum Removals offers these services: 

  • Removal home/house services are for moving your things from your old place to your new homes.
  • Office removals are for relocating your office items to a new location.
  • Packing services are for packing and unpacking your things. Packaging supplies like boxes, bubble wraps and tapes are also available for purchase.
  • Storage services are also available for containing some bulk items that you want to store first before moving them away to your new place.

May it be moving, packing, or storing, or a combination of those, each service is unique and is tailor-fitted to your needs. All you need to do is contact and ask our removalist about it.


Along with the doom of Moving Day is the cost that comes with it. This is especially affected by the number of things you need to move and where you’re moving next. We give the most efficient costs for your Moving Day while keeping our quality service at an excellent level. 

Be prepared for your moving expense and estimate your prices by sending us a message or an enquiry at Quick Removal Quote in https://platinumremovals.com.au/contact-us/

Removal and Storage

At Platinum Removals, we have incorporated moving services and storage solutions into one. There is no need to scout for two different companies to do these things for you, which benefits you a lot in terms of expenses. All you need to worry about is deciding which combination of services goes with some possessions in your place. 

Moving doesn’t necessarily have to involve a lot of stress hauling fragile belongings or storing big things. We can do both for you.


Your move is only as easy-flowing as the experience you and your team of removalists have. You don’t need to worry about the logistical aspects of moving. Here at Platinum Removals, we have a team of expert removalists with various experiences. From managing and packing your things to dealing with stops and inspections by your local officers in traffic, we have enough experience to prepare and do your move as perfectly as we can. 

If there are special arrangements or matters you want to be settled first before moving away, contact us and let us know. This is highly beneficial to keep the stress of moving from souring your mood of entering your new homes. We will do our best to arrange and adjust according to your moving or storage needs. 


There are innate things that go completely spin out of control sometimes. Your removalists can’t control a lot of things like the weather, traffic and other external factors. Instead, we do our best to address these as efficiently as we can. For better preparations and to ensure that your things are fully protected, we provide insurance at discounted rates. Insurance plans are available for your purchase to provide reimbursements for your things. We got you covered.


We are across Sydney, and now, we’re in Melbourne too! As a team of highly dedicated removalists for your moving needs, we cater to you when you move from place to place. Other agencies and people can attest our high-quality level of service. We can do the same for your Moving Day and Storage Solutions. 

Never let your Moving Day turn into Doom’s Day. Call us at  1300 634 859 for enquiries or send an email at contact@platinumremovals.com.au