Coping with the Stress of Moving

House removals are a flurry of activity. There are companies to be contacted – the utilities, movers, packers and facilities and council boards, there are things to be packed – furniture, clothes, appliances and documents, and there are a thousand and one other things that need to be coordinated so that things can go smoothly on the actual moving day when removalists come by to get things moved.
We know that sometimes things can get out of hand, but in order to prevent a breakdown and-or chaos from happening, here are some things that you can do to help you relax when you have house removals going on!

1) Plan and Organize
Using a notebook or planner can help you get your appointments, to-do lists and phone numbers listed easily for you to remember. Especially if you tend to be confused with all the things that need to happen, having them written down as they occur to you will give you a chance to sort out your thoughts and prioritize what needs to be done later on. In fact, using the diary to journal any thoughts you might have will help you get focused and be in the right frame of mind to do what needs to be done.
In addition, you may want to consider labelling things too, so that you can easily remember what is put inside which box and eventually when you reach your new home, you can direct removalists to the respective places where things go.

2) Get help
Designate work between your family members and hire help if you need it. Having professionals attend to the move or even packing can make the job so much simpler for you especially if the work seems daunting and you’re not sure where to start. Most professional removalists will also be able to provide you with checklists so that you can get even more organized and well prepared for the move. Even just having friends around to talk to and share the load can make it easier to say goodbye to your old home and hangouts. This will also allow you to spend the time you need with people who will not be living near to your new home.

3) Take care of yourself!
Take breaks while packing and take time outs as and when you think you need to remove yourself from thinking about the move. A half an hour having a coffee, a beer or a nap might be just what you need to take the edge of and feel renewed to get back into packing or organizing yourself. And why not throw yourself a little celebration when you’ve successfully gotten everything into your new home. You deserve a bit of a pampering now that everything is over and done!

Whether you are moving many items or just a small part of your home, it just takes a little awareness for you to recognize the symptoms of stress on your life during house removals. When you see that you could need a bit of a break, make it a point to nip the problem in the bud. And when in doubt, get in contact with your friendly removals professionals for the extra help if you need it too! We trust that you’ll be able to get things under hand and properly carried out when it comes down to the crunch!