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Previously, most homeowners would have to hire 2 different companies to engage their services for removals and yet a separate one for storage. Platinum Removals have incorporated both of these services to be able to provide our customers with both services under one roof. This will provide mere convenience to you especially during a hectic phase like moving out. There is not a need for you to consult various companies when you can just proceed directly to Platinum Removals alone. There are many bundle deals available so as to ensure you have all the moving-related services in check. Our professional team of removalists who are AFRA-trained will be performing the removal process for you until we reach your new place or to our own self storage facility. Regardless of the eventual destination, our team will ensure that every single one of your belongings will be well taken care of including the most heavy and bulky of items. We have been in the business for years down the road and we aim to provide only the best. When various services are provided by only a single service provider, you can rest assured that there will no hiccups especially in the managing of your moving schedule.

5 Common Questions About Moving and Storage Services

Moving away can get very stressful physically. You just can’t help but think of additional hands that can carry some of your heaviest things for you. Furthermore, there are some things that you need to have sorted out first before settling down into your new locations. Platinum Removals is an industry-leading service provider to make your moves easy. Here are a few questions you might have before deciding to plunge in your moving plans: What is a moving and storage service? Moving services are your everyday solutions should you ever decide to move to another place or location. Is moving […]

Long-Term Storage in Sydney

Individuals and businesses alike have been utilizing self-storage as a long-term storage alternative. Regardless of the size and purpose, self-storage is the affordable solution. Have you been searching high and low for the storage solution of your choice, but prices are sky-high because of the prolonged rental period that you are looking at? Platinum Removals are aware of such unwanted situations that consumers have to face with which could cause such a predicament especially for businesses that operate on a daily basis. Thus, Platinum Removals aims to provide quality self storage at affordable prices with further discounts for long-term agreement […]