5 Common Questions About Moving and Storage Services

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Moving away can get very stressful physically. You just can’t help but think of additional hands that can carry some of your heaviest things for you. Furthermore, there are some things that you need to have sorted out first before settling down into your new locations. Platinum Removals is an industry-leading service provider to make your moves easy. Here are a few questions you might have before deciding to plunge in your moving plans:

What is a moving and storage service?

Moving services are your everyday solutions should you ever decide to move to another place or location. Is moving your new sofa and fragile cupboards pushing your anxiety levels up? How do you pack it properly to prevent damages?  May it be near or far, having an extra team to pack, unpack and remove all your things for you can truly lessen your stress levels in terms of moving to your new homes. 

Storage services, on the other hand, are your containment solutions for stashing important things. If you feel like your new locations aren’t ready to receive all your things yet, having storage solutions is the answer for you. Prepare your new places first and unpack as much as you can, before taking home the bigger and more space-consuming housewares like equipment and furniture.

Platinum Removals offers both services. While in most cases, you need to worry about hiring both kinds of service, we already have these services offered for your moving needs.

How much does moving and storage service cost?

Moving costs a lot. However, Platinum Removals offers efficient prices. We offer an hour-to-hour basis in terms of cost. For moving services, starting with a team of 2 movers and a truck, prices are only up to $140 per hour. Other additional moving services like packing and unpacking have an additional price of $140. 

To find out about our other prices and to estimate how much you’re going to spend on your move, find out more at https://platinumremovals.com.au/removal-services/removal-prices/

Where can I find moving and storage services?

Platinum Removals operates in Sydney, but now, we are already present in Melbourne. Whether you’re from Woolhara or the Northern Districts,  our moving and storage facilities are just around. 

Take a quick look at our locations across those areas to find your nearest moving service and storage solution here: https://platinumremovals.com.au/areas-serve/

Why are moving and storage services necessary?

Moving is a physically draining job. Some of your things are heavier than you think and most of them take up more space than you can imagine. How are you gonna transport downstairs that big brown long antique table from the second-floor study lounge? How about the refrigerator and your kitchen aisle table? 

It is necessary to have an extra set of people to facilitate in your move. Especially if your kids are still around and need a little watching over, packing and unpacking can become exhausting and messy. 

To make sure that your things are safe and sound, Platinum Removals can do your move for you while you sit back and instruct, or you can also opt to be more hands-on on some your things to lessen the downtime in transporting possessions to your new homes.

Why choose Platinum Removals?

Our quality service comes from tonnes of experience. Platinum Removals has been around for a long time. Facilitating all kinds of moves makes our team more versatile and flexible and determining which methods and times to move or store your belongings. 

On top of that, we also offer insurance packages. We do our best for your moving urgencies, but beyond natural things that are out of control, we offer insurance plans for your purchase to give additional protection.  


Here at Platinum Removals, we only want what’s best for you and your moving experience.  We love the work you hate. To find out more, call us at  1300 634 859 for enquiries or send an email at contact@platinumremovals.com.au