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At every moving journey, there will always be that one process that everyone loathes. I personally dread packing all my belongings into moving boxes to have a well-organized and carefully-stacked pile for easy removal later on.

I would love to gather friends and family to help if I were to move, but unfortunately, most often than not, not everyone is willing to lend a helping hand. This is when I know for sure that hiring Platinum Removals is a good alternative to ease the pain of going through the packing process.

We even provide moving boxes for your convenience which are of the same sizes so as to ensure they can be stacked carefully and in a proper fashion. This will save a lot of space, both on the moving truck as well as when loaded into our self storage unit. We also provide a protective layer of padding to give you that additional sense of assurance that your items inside the storage boxes will be safe and secure even while on a moving truck. The concept is simple, really. We provide you with all of the moving-related services so as to ensure you do not need to lift a single finger on the actual moving day.

Introduction to Home Packing Service

When you decide to move to new locations, moving is only half of the battle. Unfortunately, the other half of that scenario includes packing all your things, dealing with the stress that comes with it, and constantly worrying that any of your fragile things have the possibility of being damaged during the transport. To lessen your worries about moving, Home Packing Services are available for you. Platinum Removals is not only for you when you’re on the move in transporting your possessions from one place to another. Nor is it just for you when you want to store your belongings […]

Packing like a Pro

It takes a bit of resolve and a determination to plough through your belongings and get things packed when it’s time to move to the Northern Districts of Sydney. Take it from us! We know what it’s like because we’ve helped families across Sydney move in tight time constraints and with a mountain of things to take care of! That being said, we’d like to share some tips to help you get things organized and prepared for the big move in no time! Room by room Working your way slowly through the house is the best way to be thorough […]

Preparing A Last Minute Bag for your Big Removal Day

The last moving box has been delivered and put in its place, and you’re standing back looking at all your things placed haphazardly in the different rooms and daydreaming about the bare rooms that will soon be filled to the brim with pieces of your life – books and files and picture frames and decorations. It all looks good, until you remember that you haven’t been to the bathroom since before the moving van left your old house. Now where did you pack that toilet paper … Sure, we have all been there! That first day in the new house […]

Packing your Items Safely for Removals

It looks like you’re getting ready for house removals and everything has to go! But there are really so many things and maybe you’re not too sure about what needs to be done! Let Platinum Removals help you out with some quick tips for packing so that your items stay safe and secure when the removalists come by to pick things up… 1) Get ready your packing supplies Before you get packing, you need to get ready your supplies! That means you need boxes, and lots of them! There are plenty of places that you can get second hand boxes […]