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Platinum Removals & Storage has a collection of vastly located storage facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. This is to keep up with our promise of providing the storage units that everyone needs and never to have a lack of storage units supply for anyone. It is a devastating experience to have to be rejected by a self storage facility after having brought your heavy and bulky items to the facility on your own. We understand that sad plight so we do not wish for any of our customers to have to face such a situation. Our individual storage units come in various sizes to cater to your exact storage needs. This way, you will only be paying exactly for what you use and nothing more. Our team would even be on standby during moving-in day to advise on some organizing techniques that can help you maximize the space inside your designated storage units so that you can store more than what you had earlier expected. We also have in store storage boxes should you require them as well as other necessities like tapes and protective layers and pads for your convenient purchase at every single one of our facilities.

How to decide if you need a storage unit

Storage units are secure spaces that you rent to keep commercial or personal goods for a specified amount of time. They are convenient, and saves money and time, especially when you have fragile items. Transporting goods can be costly and tiresome, therefore, instead of carrying them to and fro, you can keep them in a storage unit until you need them.  Storage facilities are not all the same, they are different in many aspects to suit every customer. If you are wondering if you need a storage unit, below are points to consider. 1. Size The size of the storage […]

Things to consider when choosing a storage unit

It is not everyday that homeowners and small to medium scale business owner contemplate renting a temporary storage space. So we came up with a cheat sheet of things to consider when choosing a storage unit. Whether you want to rent a space for decluttering your home, provide space for renovation or for the temporary storage of goods while moving out, these factors will help you a bunch.  One thing to keep in mind is the fact that there is no order of things here. Your individual taste and preference is the main guiding factor. As far as our list […]