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When the topic of moving out is concerned, we know that many processes are involved as well. There is the packing process, removals, and the loading and unloading processes as well. Every single one requires a certain amount of effort as well as expertise to ensure everything goes as planned. Platinum Removals has been handling all of the above-mentioned processes with much ease with the help from our professional team of AFRA-trained removalists who are careful and experienced in the field. We handle every single one of your item with tender loving care even if it means having to carry the bulkiest of your furniture pieces down steep flights of stairs. Our aim is to ensure that you do not have to do any work on the actual moving day whether you will be moving to a new home or to our very own self storage facility. Regardless of the location, we are here to lend a helping hand and ensure that you will move out without much needed effort. We also have in store for you various bundle deals that include more than just removal service, so you can rest assured that moving out is indeed a breeze with Platinum Removals.

What to Do When Planning a Large Scale Office Move

Moving from one place to another regardless of the area can be a hassle. Put aside the social matters a bit, the logistics of handling such duties is no joke. Basically, there is a lot that goes into a relocation process. This specifically is what makes people deter from moving in the first place.  All in all, this should not worry you when you want to move. This is because we can help you by providing a list of things you need to do when planning one.  1.Select one Place For all your Notes Moving is a process that drains […]

5 Reasons why Hiring a Professional Cleaner is Cost-efficient in Sydney

Hiring a professional cleaner is one of the options that most homeowners and office users will hardly give a thought. However, they aren’t unwilling to have their home sparkled by trained cleaners. They believe cleaning costs hurt both feet and legs. According to Payscale, the average cost for professional cleaning in Australia is AU$21.84 Per Hour. What to pay for maybe less or more by AU$5, depending on factors such as the size of the municipality, types of cleaning services, and the type of service provider you are working with.  However, there is no doubt that most cleaners will guarantee […]

Moving for the First Time

It must be scary moving into your own home in Ashfield for the first time, your chance to be independent and utterly reliant on yourself. Sure your family and friends will be around to help you, but they won’t stay with you and that’s where the whole adventure is going to be! Platinum Removals wants to help you make the transition into your new home as easily and stress-free as possible, so we’ve come up with some advice that can help you make the move! Put some money aside One of the first things that you need to do when […]

Finding the Perfect Moving and Removals Company

These days there are plenty of people offering their services in moving and removals in Sydney CBD. It may be difficult for you to narrow down the choices to one that will work for you and amidst all the hustle and bustle of moving homes, you may not have the time to scrutinize them all! Platinum Removals holds ourselves at a very high bar because of our passion for the service we provide, so we’d like to share with you what we think is important when it comes to selecting the perfect removals company. Quotations and Comparisons This might seem […]

Finding a Reliable Moving Company

When it comes to house removals near Warringah, it might make sense to get the professionals in to help you get your things loaded into a moving van and shipped to your new house or apartment. Handling it on your own may be a mammoth task, but can you really trust another person, or a company to do a good job? As a moving and removals company, Platinum Removals wants to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services they receive, but at the same time find the peace of mind to trust the company with the work that […]

Thinking about moving in together?

Going through house removals around Woollahra because you’ve got somebody who wants to share a house with you is very different from normal house removals for a lot of reasons! It’s not like moving in with a housemate or sharing your parents’ home, there’s emotional involvement and that can make this home removal a particularly complicated decision to make! We examine some things that you may want to look at when you decide to pack up and move in together here…. 1) Why move in together? There can be lots of reasons for moving in together, but it’s a good […]

Moving big furniture UP

When it comes to removals of large items at home, whether sculptures or cupboards or sofas or even dining tables, it can be quite a challenge to get them into your home, especially when the final location happens to NOT be on the ground level. Let’s not talk about having to maneuver them through doorways and into rooms too, but as professional removalists in Sydney, we have plenty of experience handling all sorts of things safely into our customers homes. So we’d like to share some tips for you if you are thinking of moving big items during removals soon! […]

House Removals in Different Weather Conditions

It would be wonderful if we all had clear skies and perfect weather when we are moving homes, but alas, we can’t control the weather. During snowy winter and rainy spring especially, having house removals may be more dangerous or detrimental to your items and your family if things are not done properly and safely. Platinum Removals has a lot of experience handling all sorts of different situations and we would just like to share with you some of the steps that we take when we are heading out for removals in Sydney! • Keep an Eye on the Weather […]