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Have you been moving home before? If you had, then you would already know by now just how much work is involved in an entire moving home process. From the packing to removals until the loading part, every process needs a huge amount of work. You can get friends and family to help but without a certain level of expertise, things could turn out worse than you would have expected. Moving home requires skills and experience which only a trusted removals company like Platinum Removals can provide. With affordable prices and a team of professional removalists, you can rest assured that your moving journey will be a breeze. In no time at all, you will be settling down at your new abode all ready to take on the day’s challenges without any worries of having problems from the previous move. This is every homeowner’s dream – to be able to move without any hiccups and to settle down at the new place in a breeze. Platinum Removals & Storage aims to provide just that to our customers and to always ensure you will have peace of mind moving with us, whether to your new home or to a self storage facility.

Saving Money on A Move

Moving homes around the Lower North Shore of Sydneyis a big affair for the whole family! It’s a whole new environment and a new community that you’ll be entering into. It can be quite stressful on you especially if you have elderly parents and young kids with you in tow! But what could potentially be more stressful and worrisome, is the cost of it all. As if the house or apartment and the renovations weren’t enough, you have to worry about hiring packers and movers to help you get things organized and shipped to the new destination! Keep the Volume […]

Coping with the Stress of Moving

House removals are a flurry of activity. There are companies to be contacted – the utilities, movers, packers and facilities and council boards, there are things to be packed – furniture, clothes, appliances and documents, and there are a thousand and one other things that need to be coordinated so that things can go smoothly on the actual moving day when removalists come by to get things moved. We know that sometimes things can get out of hand, but in order to prevent a breakdown and-or chaos from happening, here are some things that you can do to help you […]

A Removalists Take on a Home that needs Fixing

When we move things into a house that needs work, we’ve realised a few things over the years both as comments from our customers and also by our own observations. We know that to make a house into a home, each piece of property needs a little bit of work. But when is a little bit of work too much work such that it becomes ineffective to do something about it? Here are our a few tips we’ve got from our removalists in Sydney about that bit of renovation work you are thinking of getting for your home! Move Out […]

Moving House Including The Toddlers Can Be A Handful

Moving on your own is already a challenge. You have to schedule everything accordingly in order not to miss any items on your checklist. This is even becomes harder when you and your partner are both working professionals and take turns taking care of the child. But moving requires a timely planning as there are deadlines to meet from setting up your utilities up to the actual move itself. However, what should you so when you have toddlers, who have all the energy in the world, on hand while you are in the midst of moving? What should you do? […]