Moving House Including The Toddlers Can Be A Handful

Moving on your own is already a challenge. You have to schedule everything accordingly in order not to miss any items on your checklist. This is even becomes harder when you and your partner are both working professionals and take turns taking care of the child. But moving requires a timely planning as there are deadlines to meet from setting up your utilities up to the actual move itself. However, what should you so when you have toddlers, who have all the energy in the world, on hand while you are in the midst of moving? What should you do?

Here are a few tips that you can start with when moving with toddlers.

1)    Make a timely schedule of the various activities that would lead you until your moving day

Once you have set the date of your move, including the date that your need to put your items for temporary or long term storage, you work your schedule and plan backwards with the various activities involved including when you need to de-clutter your house, researching and making the final decision of the storage facility of choice, delivery of boxes for storage and loading these back for storage at the facility, cutting the electricity service at your current house and moving this to your next place, etc. With toddlers on hand, you may need to give some allowance in case any form of emergency comes up and your schedule is pushed back slightly.

2)     Seek help from friends or family nearby to babysit your kids

Once you have set your schedule, check with family or friends nearby who can take turns baby sitting your kids. A couple of hours of being toddler-free is precious and would allow you to be more productive.

3) Choose a storage facility that can provide you some premium services at a cheaper price

With toddlers and an impending move, it can actually break the bank, and for you to stretch your already stretched budget, you need to select a mover that also provides storage solutions. What about the premium services? What are these? These are packing, loading and re-delivery services that you can consider. Usually, these entail extra costs, but if you are already getting a few services from the mover / storage facility provider, add an additional criteria in your research and decision making process on how willing the mover/storage facility provider is going to give some premium services for a discounted price if they can’t give these for free. It helps on stretching your budget if this happens.

4) Sorting it smart

It is easier when you are sorting your own items by just putting these in two categories: to keep and to throw away. However, with kids, you may need also to consider if they need these in the next few months like books and some toys that are still in good condition. If yes, you may need mobile storage boxes to keep them for a while either in the storage facility or in the basement of your new home. In any case, have these boxes accessible so that when you move in your new home, you have a few items to keep them ‘busy’.

5) On the day of the move, get more help from family and friends

When the movers have moved your last few items to the self storage facility and moving some items with you, ensure to engage family members to keep watch of the kids. With the flurry of activities during the move, you might need them to keep watch of the kids until you have finalized everything. It might also help if they can watch them for a few days following the move, too.