Saving Money on A Move

Moving homes around the Lower North Shore of Sydneyis a big affair for the whole family! It’s a whole new environment and a new community that you’ll be entering into. It can be quite stressful on you especially if you have elderly parents and young kids with you in tow! But what could potentially be more stressful and worrisome, is the cost of it all. As if the house or apartment and the renovations weren’t enough, you have to worry about hiring packers and movers to help you get things organized and shipped to the new destination!

Keep the Volume down
The first thing that sales consultants look at when they write a quote up for you is the amount of things that are shipping. This item on the list should actually make sense because the more things you have, the more removalists the moving company has to bring in and the more transport trucks they have to drive over in order to get the work done. Unfortunately, this means that you really need to hunker down and start clearing out items and decluttering as much as you can before calling the removals companies to come down and survey all the things meant for shipping!

Get comparisons
Getting different removals companies to visit you and do the survey for rate quotations may seem tedious and troublesome for you since you have to be around to show the movers what you need transported, but in the interest of saving some money, it’s a necessary evil. After that, when the quotes come in, it’s just a matter of simple comparison to see who is giving you the best value for your money!

Look out for Discounts and Packages
Removals companies have sale periods too! Keep an eye out for removals companies who are offering special deals around the period when you are looking to move and ask them about their packages too! Chances are that they will offer packing materials like boxes and packing tape, protective pads and even complementary add-ons like packing services at an exclusive price if you catch them at the right time!

Have a Garage Sale!
Depending on how you price your items, you could potentially make a fair bit of money to offset the costs of moving. It does take a little planning and time to set something up, but can be a very fun activity for the family and a chance to really try your hand at running a business. Don’t set your expectations too high and have a fun day out getting to meet neighbours and people around the area as well as offloading all your junk at the same time!

Keep an eye on the time
Chances are that removals companies have a counter for the time they put in to your removals job. Unless it’s a full day’s work, the removalists probably charge by the hour. You can check with the sales consultants during the quotations process how exactly things work and then see how best to arrange the time that you need from them to get things done. If the time exceeds your agreement, it’s possible that charges may skyrocket so keep an eye on that clock!

Do remember that while you are trying to save money on moving and removals, sometimes selecting a good moving and removals company may mean that you will have to go a little over budget for that extra peace of mind that hiring a trustworthy and reliable company gives you. Do consider your options and decide on something that gives you confidence that the job will carried out safely and smoothly. Platinum Removals would be happy to be that company for you, so give us a call to find out more!