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It is not easy having so many things to take care of within just a short span of time. Upon reaching the new abode, you may have things to assemble like pieces of furniture that are too bulky to bring over and any other electronics. Platinum Removals perform the value-added service of fixing and installing your items for you as well. This is to ensure that you can heave peace of mind when you are settling down which could often be taxing for the entire family. Our team of professional removalists are also able to arrange your belongings and bulky items according to your preferences. It is like having an entire team of interior designers at your service. Simply let us know in advance what type of services that you will be requiring so a specific team within a specific area of expertise will be despatched to your location. The objective of Platinum Removals is to take charge of your entire moving process so as to prevent you from falling into a predicament whereby there is an insufficient manpower for an excessive workload. We aim to let your moving nightmare turn into an effortless dream come true.

Personalising your New House or Apartment

So you’ve made it to your new house and you’re getting all settled in. Your moving boxes are placed in the right rooms and you’re getting around to unpacking. But things still feel a little foreign to you. What can you do to make yourself feel more at home and how do you really get comfortable in your new place? Platinum Removals knows what it’s like to be in an unfamiliar environment, so we’ve put together some things that you can do to personalise your new flat or house! 1) Making repairs or fixing up different areas of your home […]

Keeping in Touch after Moving

At Platinum Removals Bondi, we are all about keeping removals easy for you and that means that we are quite experienced with whatever happens when you move. Including understanding how hard it is to say goodbye to old friends. When the Removals Day draws near, there’s not one person we know who won’t feel a rush of emotions about leaving behind the place that they’ve stayed at. Whether for a few months or for a few years, there is a lot of nostalgia attached to a home. The restaurants around the corner, the sights and sounds out the window and […]

Unpacking – Where to begin?!

All the moving boxes are in their places! Now what? It’s been a long day hasn’t it! Getting the moving and removals company coordinated and then hefting all those heavy things from one place to the next… It’s a good thing that that’s all over and done with! Having your packing boxes placed in their respective rooms, the only thing left to do, is to start opening them up and putting your things in the right place! Here’s a handy packing guide to get you started: 1) The Kitchen It might seem like this is a room that might need […]