Introduction to Home Packing Service

Moving boxes in new house

When you decide to move to new locations, moving is only half of the battle. Unfortunately, the other half of that scenario includes packing all your things, dealing with the stress that comes with it, and constantly worrying that any of your fragile things have the possibility of being damaged during the transport. To lessen your worries about moving, Home Packing Services are available for you.

Platinum Removals is not only for you when you’re on the move in transporting your possessions from one place to another. Nor is it just for you when you want to store your belongings in our containment units when you deem necessary. Our company also offers Home Packing Services to make sure that your things are well-kept and well-protected while in transit to your new homes.

What are Home Packing Services? 

Home Packing Services are your best option for the packing part of your move. We pack your things while you watch or you can choose to be more hands-on in assisting and instructing which things go to the containers or boxes. You don’t need to worry about the more delicate things like big mirrors, wide paintings, tall cupboards, mattresses, or anything that you think needs extra care during your move.

You can choose any of our packing services. With our Home Packing Services, these are available for you:

  • Full packing of things
  • Partial packing of things
  • Unpacking in your new locations
  • Free delivery of packing supplies and things (only within 5 km radius from Dover Heights, NSW 2030)

How much do Home Packing Services Cost?

Here at Platinum Removals, we offer affordable prices for your moves. That also includes Home Packing Services. We charge $140 per hour for two packers and an additional $70 per hour for each added packer per your request. Delivery of packing supplies and boxes (outside 5 km radius from Dover Heights) only cost $30.

Along with the Home Packing Services, additional items like packing supplies and boxes are also available for you. Do you need boxes, bubble wraps, packing papers, heavy-duty tapes, and padlocks? If you don’t have any containment devices for your belongings, you don’t need to worry about buying them somewhere else. We also offer them at affordable prices and these are available from us here:


Here at Platinum Removals, we have been around long enough to cover for all your moving needs. We are a team of professional removalists and movers that can assist in making your moves as smooth as possible. We are also available for your storage needs to house your most valuable possessions before fully settling down in your homes. 

More than that, we are also capable of packing your stuff and making sure they are in the most suitable and secured condition before being loaded in our transport vehicle. We make sure that packing your things guarantees the feeling of safety for your belongings. To find out more, call us at  1300 634 859 for enquiries or send an email at