How does Content Insurance work for House Removals?

When it comes to house or office removals, it can be hard to entrust all your worldly professions into the hands of the professionals. There is always a worry that things may get broken or scuffed or damaged during the process. Even with the most careful of removalist teams, there is a chance that something may happen beyond the control of anyone too – bad weather or a traffic accident caused by someone else or even theft or fire while things are in the midst of the move!

That is why it is so important to consider content insurance or insurance while in transit. Here we will tell you a little bit more about removal insurance and how it works:

  • You might already have it!
  • Insurance for your items in transit is sometimes included under your existing home insurance policies since it covers your contents already, whether in your home or while in the process of moving. Your moving and removals company may also have some mandatory content insurance coverage for your items when you sign up for their professional removalists’ services too!

  • Double check the details and claim limits
  • Each insurance policy is limited by the maximum claim amount for each category or items or situations that may happen. It’s important to see in what situations you are covered – for example damage, or weather situations, delays or loss, theft, fire, etc. You may only be able to claim up to a certain amount for your items too, so if you you are worried that you will not be able to claim the full value of your items, it’s best to check out just how much a standard content insurance plan will provide you first.

  • Value your items
  • So if you think you have some items that may need a little extra provision in terms of coverage, like painting, artwork, wine or other valuables (jewellery, cash, financial documents, etc), you may want to get a proper valuation and a special add-on to your standard content insurance plan so that you know you are fully protected if something happens to your items while in the midst of a move..

  • Are there any special circumstances NOT covered?
  • The insurance documents and contract may possibly have some exclusions, for example if there is a particular time frame which things must be moved by, or if there is an excess on the policy (meaning that you have to pay for a portion of the damages up to a certain amount, after which the insurance will kick in).

  • Any special requirements?
  • Some insurance companies may require you to use professional home packing services to ensure that things are in an acceptable standard of care before being moved, and others have stated a requirement of an inventory of things that will be going through house removal so that they can provide you with a more accurate quote. It’s good to check out that all these requirements are fulfilled so that if something does happen, there will not be a delay in the claims processing.

    Moving with content insurance can definitely give you the peace of mind that you need during a very busy and stressful time. You can find out more about how to get an affordable and comprehensive insurance plan with Platinum Removals if you are considering a house move soon too! Get in touch with us and we’ll sort you out!