Packing your Items Safely for Removals

It looks like you’re getting ready for house removals and everything has to go! But there are really so many things and maybe you’re not too sure about what needs to be done! Let Platinum Removals help you out with some quick tips for packing so that your items stay safe and secure when the removalists come by to pick things up…

1) Get ready your packing supplies
Before you get packing, you need to get ready your supplies! That means you need boxes, and lots of them! There are plenty of places that you can get second hand boxes from. They may be slightly more worn, but are perfectly useful for lighter items. Use double reinforced cardboard for a more supported container for your heavier items and breakables or even plastic boxes for items that may be more susceptible to squashing and breakage. Don’t forget to also get good quality packing tape to make sure.

2) Categorize your belongings
When it comes to putting your items together, it would be good to get things categorized according to which room they came from. Toiletries and creams shouldn’t be put together with chemicals for cleaning or food for eating. And it would definitely be a good idea to keep clothes separate from dirty tools or stationery. Simple categorization can make sure that you are better organized and can definitely help you when you are unpacking later on.

3) Have a weight limit for your moving boxes
This packing tip can help significantly more if you are handling your house removals on your own because you don’t want to break your back moving things in and out of the house. But even if you have professional removalists coming in, heavy items should be limited in smaller boxes or by putting a weight limit of 30 pounds or 10 kilograms so that picking the boxes up and moving them out can happen quickly and safely.

4) Padding, padding, padding
Protective padding can definitely make a difference to whether your breakable items reach your destination safely and you’d be surprised – the house is full of soft items that can be used for padding – blankets, curtains, towels and rugs – and that can help you keep your things safe and help you save money on buying or renting industrial protective pads. Breakables should also be placed at the top of the tower or boxes, even when padded. You don’t want the off chance that your glassware may be squashed by the weight of items above it!

5) Keeping Inventory
Last but not least, label your boxes and keep a record of what items you’ve packed where. When it comes to the day of house removals, you may be in a bluster and be caught up in the whole scheme of getting things moved into the moving vans as quickly as possible. It’s important to give clear instructions to the removalists regarding the boxes of fragile items and boxes which need special handling before all that happens so that your things will receive the proper care.

Don’t forget that Platinum Removals Sydney is happy to provide more advice when you need packing and/or packaging for house or office removals done – it is only right that you are absolutely satisfied with the moving and packing service that your moving and removals company provides and that means that your safety is our top priority! Find out more about how we can help you further and make moving a breeze for you and your office or family.