Moving bulky furniture into Storage

So you’ve decided that you need to put those lawn furniture pieces into storage or perhaps that headboard that needs to be repaired can’t be shipped just right now, and everything seems to be piling up in the garage. The solution in the form of a storage unit has been found, but just how are you going to get everything properly moved to the warehouse?

As a moving and removals company, Platinum Removals has helped countless customers move their furniture removals in Sydney, not only in home moving, but also into storage units and we share some tips here so that you can do this yourself too!

Clear out the drawers of the furniture
When you’re moving drawers or cupboards, make sure that the items within have been removed so that you don’t have to worry about unnecessary weight when you are moving the item about. Although it may seem a bit troublesome to pack things out and repack them back in when you are done moving, trust us when we say that it’s a much lesser evil than throwing your back out because you wanted to save a step.

Have an open path way for the furniture
The quickest and safest way to carry heavy furniture through the house is when you have a clear road to travel on! Granted then when you are trying to move things about, it might look as if a tornado visited your living room and tossed debris everywhere. But do take the time to move things out of walkways and clear yourself a little wiggle room. Tripping over tiny things while you are carrying heavy objects can be very, very dangerous!

Hire equipment
Especially when it comes to big and bulky furniture, you need to take care of how you handle the items. Not just to ensure the items are safe and intact, but because of your health too! Countless men break their backs of overstrain their muscles trying to lift things that are too heavy for them. So this is where equipment and tools come in. Hire a moving van with the capacity to fit the big things in its carriage. Borrow or rent trolleys and pulleys and even dollies to help you ferry the items through the house. Even ropes and rags might help get your items into the moving van!

Get help from friends
Many hands make light work and you definitely need more hands on deck to manage all these big and bulky items! What might be a struggle for one person, will definitely be easier when you have a friend or two coming over to help you with the move. Even if you don’t have big and bulky items, the more people on the job means the faster you get everything done and dusted too, so no harm asking people to pop over to help.

And if you find that the job is STILL too big to handle, don’t forget that the professionals are just a phone call away! With years of experience and good track records, you can’t go wrong by hiring them to take care of the move altogether if it’s within your budget. But above all, you just need to do have a good plan and stick with it, and you’re sure to get the job done!