How to use Self Storage Units to Complement your Business

Self storage has been booming in the last decade and it’s no wonder why. Everybody wants and needs space for various reasons – to carry out business activities, to keep items of all sorts on a long term basis, and even as a place to just put your things down for a while. And this is where self storage can come in to help more people around the world and especially companies that are trying to figure out how to operate within the constraints of their rented premises.

Platinum Removals Sydney, Eastern Suburbs has a track record of helping expanding businesses with their moving and removals and now with our self storage division, we’d like to share with you how self storage can also help you and your company continue to flourish!

More Inventory Space
When it comes to running a business, one of the most crucial things is to make sure that your product gets to the customer in a timely manner. Storage units in Sydney can be very useful to hold more of your final product while they are in transition to stores or before they can be shipped off to your customers. Especially when you are expanding, it pays to be able to have more inventory in storage, in case there are large orders, so that you can meet the demand as soon as possible and cut down on delays to the delivery.

Document Storage Space
It is mostly a mandatory requirement by the government boards to keep the business transaction and accounting records in storage for a certain number of years for auditing purposes. It is also pretty good practice in case legal issues arise and evidence for whatever reason needs to be presented in court. But while all companies need to do it, not all have made the transition to digital records and that means that lots of space is needed to hold physical copies of your records. Self storage can provide you with the space to handle all the hard copy paper documents for the allotted period of time.

Temporary Holding Space
Businesses are always looking for more space for their products, for more machinery, for more desks for employees to sit at to do work and so much more. If there is a renovation or upgrading of your premises going on, temporary holding spaces that are clean, secure and monitored can be hard to find. But no longer with a good self storage facility. You can even have seasonal inventory items (for exhibitions or temporary equipment) put in holding in self storage units for a few months in the year until you require the items again.

At the end of the day, the space is what you make of it and there are so many options for you once you’ve hired a self storage container for the use of your company. If you would like more info, you can also speak with the managers of the self storage company on tips and tricks of how you can use the storage space and also which size would be the most suitable for your business!