Keeping your Storage unit Organized

It’s rather ironic to think that a storage unit needs to also be properly managed and kept clean and tidy since the reason you have a storage unit is to keep your home free of clutter and disorganization. But the truth is that every space needs to be sorted out in order for things to be manageable! So just like your attic or garage, it’s important to take a bit of time to make sure that you’ve done what you can to keep your storage unit in good shape.

Platinum Removals Sydney, Eastern Suburbs has put together a short list to help you keep things under control, and some of these can even be used for any other storage spaces you may have too!

Hire only the size you need
When the storage companies ask you for a gauge of how much space you need, be conservative! When your storage unit starts filling out, and you notice that you have that little smidgen of space on the corner over there, your brain might trick you into thinking that you can afford to put more things into your storage unit
! Always start with a small unit so that when the time comes for you to move one size up, you can think objectively about whether you really need a bigger unit, or if it’s time to start cleaning things out!

Create Storage in your Storage!
Shelving and compartments really help and seem like a no-brainer idea if you’re storing furniture in your storage unit already! You don’t have to purposefully bring in shelving, but being able to stack your items on top of each other, or have items packed and labelled in boxes can really help if you are looking for specific items inside the storage unit.

Sort things out once in a while
There are lots and lots of things in your storage unit and possible some things that you might have even forgotten have been put in there at all! It’s a good idea to take a bit of time to look through and categorize your items once in a while to piles according to whether you would still use the item or not. Good groups of categories would be – seasonal items, to be repaired, spoilt, to throw, etc. This will definitely help you get a handle of what to do with all those items and maybe even help you get rid of some and create more space!

When you’re storing on a long term basis, it’s inevitable for things to really start piling up at home and in your storage units. With good management, the storage unit you started off with can serve you very well for the amount of items that need to be put aside for a few months of the year. Just remember to keep your spending on storage under control! Good luck!