How to Use Self Storage

Self storage is the one great invention of the century. People love to buy things for themselves but with all the things that people are accumulating and bringing back to their homes, there is always a demand for more space! For all those documents, clothes, furniture items and anything else that you find is starting to clutter your house, you’ve decided they need to be put aside for a little while and self storage definitely looks like the perfect solution to the problem!

But where to start and how does it work? Platinum Removals gives you the brief on how it works right here.

1) What are you going to store – This is the whole reason for you wanting to take up self storage to begin with, so whether you’ve found you’re hoarding things at home, or you’re mindfully setting items aside, put aside everything that you’re going to store so that you can get a good quote for the storage unit you’ll be hiring.

2) Choose a type of mobile storage
This means choosing a size that can accommodate all your items as well as looking at any extra services you may need (climate control, extra security, packing and moving services, etc).

3) Fix a moving day –

4) Compare prices and sign up! – Don’t forget to look for discounts while you are at it. Seasonally, you may be able to get a cheaper price if you watch for good deals from the self storage companies. When those come up, don’t hesitate and lock down your chosen unit for your chosen day!

5) Get help for moving day – Especially if you have big and bulky items, you might just need to hire some moving services to help you with removals! Getting things into storage can be a daunting task if you’re not well equipped, so ensure that you have enough hands to help out on moving day!

6) Move In – Just like moving house, you’ll need to direct things to their right space. It might also take a bit of time to get things inside the storage unit properly organized and neat. While you can literally just leave things in there helter-skelter, keeping things organized helps you to locate items when you finally need to take them back out of storage!

7) Move Out – While this is not something that happens immediately, it does happen that people entirely forget to move out sometimes! Whatever the case may be, try not to forget that you have things in storage so that you can claim your items back!

With this quick list, we hope that we’re able to help you understand the procedures behind self storage a little better! You can always check reviews online and get help from friends and family who have also dealt with self storage before and they will be able to guide you along too! When in doubt, check with the company you’re intending to deal with on what other tips and tricks they can share with you before you commit to storing with them as well.

Good luck!