#1 Mobile Storage in Sydney

Platinum Removals & Storage gives you top quality Mobile Storage!

Don’t worry about looking for storage solutions elsewhere when our moving and removals company can provide that service to you too!

Platinum Removals & Storage has added some amazing equipment to our inventory of items that is meant to help you move with ease and efficiency and these special additions are portable self storage!

We know that when you’re moving, sometimes it helps to get some of the more bulky items out of the way while you get yourself settled in and we can help you by providing a temporary or longer term solution by keeping your items safely in storage and giving you the space that you need to get things done.

If you have decided that you need some storage space, then you’ll be happy to know that we’ll be able to bundle your requirements into our moving and removals packages now too!

Our Storage Units are made to provide you with ample room for one bedroom full of items or even a little over one bedroom if you pack well! If you have bed frames and seasonal clothes, sidetables and lamps or perhaps some documents and other memorabilia lying around that needs to be put away, you can count on us to help you put all these things away quickly and easily once the storage units are loaded up.

The Storage Units are made up of a durable wood composite that has been tested to withstand weights within up to almost 1 ton! This means that you could fit all sorts of tables and chairs, books and files, bedsheets and clothes inside your storage unit and know that they will be safe in our hands.

Being made of wood has other benefits too! It means that the material is porous and allows air to pass freely through the walls of your self storage unit. That means that your items within will be fresh within its confines and the chances of mould and mildew developing on your items are greatly reduced! The boxes themselves are wrapped over with a heavy duty cover to keep it weatherproof but we go one step further by ensuring your items are lifted off the ground on pallets to ensure that water can’t get at the storage units.

Best of all our storage units come directly to your front yard or doorstep! We come directly to you on moving day so that things can get loaded into the storage unit at the same time as you’re leaving your old house or apartment. If convenience is what you’re looking for then let us bring the whole Platinum Removals & Storage experience to you! Get your moving and removals service from your home to the next and complement it with extra storage with us too!

Platinum Removals & Storage makes Moving and Removals so simple with Mobile Storage Units!