Preparing A Last Minute Bag for your Big Removal Day

The last moving box has been delivered and put in its place, and you’re standing back looking at all your things placed haphazardly in the different rooms and daydreaming about the bare rooms that will soon be filled to the brim with pieces of your life – books and files and picture frames and decorations. It all looks good, until you remember that you haven’t been to the bathroom since before the moving van left your old house. Now where did you pack that toilet paper …

Sure, we have all been there! That first day in the new house and we’ve clean forgotten what was put where and it’ll be days before you open the right moving box and find it! That’s why Platinum Removals has put together a short list of items that you should pack into a last minute bag so that you’ll be ready for the first few hours and perhaps even days in the new environment until you can get settled in again!

Based on the different things in each room, here’s the list of everything you should keep in your moving day survival kit:

If you’ve packed away all your cutlery and crockery, plastic plates and utensils are a good interim supply to have with you until you can get your appliances and dishes unpacked. Chances are you might be having take out for the first few nights when you’ve moved in until you can get to the supermarket so finding out what restaurants serve takeout near your new home would be a wonderful idea too.

Like we mentioned above, when you need to go, you REALLY need to go! And hunting for toilet paper is not going to be a laughing matter. Just like heading to the gym, a simple bath kit – shampoo, conditioner, soap – along with your toothbrush and toothpaste is essential to have with you so that you can get through the first night feeling refreshed and clean!

Your mattress may be in place, but you’re going to have to locate some clean bedsheets and pillow cases if you want to sleep in that bed! If you want to avoid having to pack a fresh bundle of linens, you can ask your removalists to help you cling wrap your current sheets, pillows and comforter into a compact package so all you need to do is unwrap everything onto your mattress and voila! Ready to be used!
A few clean sets of clothes and under things would be a good idea to pack too so that you don’t have to go digging for things to wear after a well deserved shower at the end of the day. You can work on locating more clean clothes tomorrow when the sun is up!

Tools and stationery are a definite must in your miscellaneous kit. You’re going to need some box cutters and scissors to tear open that industrial strength packing tape, and it helps to have a screwdriver or hammer handy so that you can fix up the side table or bedframe if the packing and removals company doesn’t take care of reassembly. You might also need some pens to sign invoices and a notepad to make some notes on while you are getting your internet and other connections set up.

Each household or office has different requirements and while your actual last minute bag might include different items from what we’ve listed here, these are just some of the basics that we thought would be good to include. Check with your friendly moving and removals company whether they have similar lists that you can tweak on your own time, and find what works for you! All the best in your upcoming move!