Personalising your New House or Apartment

So you’ve made it to your new house and you’re getting all settled in. Your moving boxes are placed in the right rooms and you’re getting around to unpacking. But things still feel a little foreign to you. What can you do to make yourself feel more at home and how do you really get comfortable in your new place?
Platinum Removals knows what it’s like to be in an unfamiliar environment, so we’ve put together some things that you can do to personalise your new flat or house!

1) Making repairs or fixing up different areas of your home
If your home needs a little work, getting things done up and patched up is a wonderful way of putting your stamp on your new home! A little effort put into polishing the handles or cleaning the window sills or event fixing the cupboards or sprucing up the garden can definitely help you to feel like you’ve made the home into what it is today, not to mention giving you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction when you tell people that you are the one that got your home into working order!

2) Putting up some decorations
Even painting some patterns on the wall or putting up picture frames could give you that feeling of familiarity. Something that will speak of your own individuality in a house that was once stark and bare will help you to build attachment to the different rooms. Calling in an interior designer may also help if you need some extra hands to locate furniture in a design that you like or to find design themes that you would like to have in different rooms.

3) Get to know your surroundings
When the house is all settled into, why not go around and have a look-see at your neighbourhood cafe and library, or the shops at the mall, or even wear the clubs and bars are. Getting to know people who live in the vicinity is also an excellent way to get used to your new surroundings and make new friends so that you can truly enjoy and get to know the best about your new home.

4) Have a party!
Inviting old friends and family and even new ones too, is a great way to christen your new home or just break in your new wide screen TV and sofa! You can choose to join a new society – the running club or perhaps ask someone to play tennis with, and if you have kids, arranging play dates with other parents in the area can also be a good way to get to know people too! Starting to utilise the things in your home with people who you like is the best way to build new memories in a home that you have just begun to enjoy!

When it comes to moving homes, it can take a while for the excitement and anxiety of the big moving day to go away. But committing to your new environment and making it a point to do something different helps you to adjust better to your new home and environment and really own this whole new experience! I