Tips to Choose a Removals and Storage Company in Sydney

If you’re looking for a removals and storage service in Sydney then you had better start looking out for advertisements and start doing your research! We all know how there’s a mad rush for getting things done when it comes to moving house so it would make sense that you get a good removals and storage company on board as quickly as possible so that you have one thing ticked off your list! Comparing and researching different companies online will give you a better idea about the prices and types of moving and storage services that are available when you decide on which company to hire.

A good removal and storage company can really take a big load off of your shoulders, so it’s important to make sure that you’re making an educated choice. Some of the things that you can do include looking for reviews and testimonials amongst your friends or better yet, on the internet, where these honest and real-life accounts of their actual customers will be able to provide you with a better insight of what’s going on with these companies than a corporate website would be able to give.

A good idea is also to head down directly to the removal and storage office and ask to speak with the manager or the coordinator of your move to find out how they take care of items in their self storage space or how they handle certain situations. It’ll give you a good feeling about the company and how they handle things – sometimes when you see things with your own eyes, you’ll know in your gut whether it’s the right moving and storage company to choose. Make sure you get everything written down or in an email so that if something happens, you have their word on paper regarding the quote so that your storage prices are fixed, or so that you have confirmation on what the possible procedures or recovery actions may be in different situations.

The next thing you need to do is figuring out what you need in terms of services. And not just in terms of what you need to move, what date and where to, but how to ensure that you fit everything within your budget.

Understanding what you need to do to get your items safely moved from one place to another will help to determine whether you’ll need portable storage or long term storage in Sydney while you’re getting your property settled and knowing how much you are able to spend on the whole operation will give you the framework for working out the storage services that you can get. Not to mention if the company offers add-ons that can make your life easier like packing services and other built-in benefits like mobile storage and discounts associated with hiring their other business partners.

If in doubt, why not call Platinum Removals for our removals and storage solutions? We have the experience to help you with any moving and storage jobs you may have as well and would be glad to extend a hand!