Long-Term Storage in Sydney

Individuals and businesses alike have been utilizing self-storage as a long-term storage alternative. Regardless of the size and purpose, self-storage is the affordable solution.

Have you been searching high and low for the storage solution of your choice, but prices are sky-high because of the prolonged rental period that you are looking at? Platinum Removals are aware of such unwanted situations that consumers have to face with which could cause such a predicament especially for businesses that operate on a daily basis. Thus, Platinum Removals aims to provide quality self storage at affordable prices with further discounts for long-term agreement plans. So the longer you rent, the lower the prices will be. This is the unique factor about Platinum Removals & Storage which we offer as we wish to ensure everyone can afford self storage regardless of their purpose and needs. Our prices also remain stagnant and do not fluctuate which could give you a billing shock at the end of every month.

We offer climate control and many other high-tech features which you need to ensure that your valuables remain in top-notch quality when you retrieve them. Security features are our topmost priority to keep your items safe and secure at all times. From surveillance cameras to a restricted entry system, we have installed them all so you can have that peace of mind at home while storing your items with us. It is like a second home, away from home, but for your precious valuables.

Platinum Removals & Storage provides flexibility in terms of agreement contracts. Should you ever need to terminate any of your contractual agreements with us, simply let us know in advance so our dedicated employees can help you with clearance. We will not impose any penalty as we truly understand how schedules and plans can change abruptly without any prior notice. Hence, from a long-term plan to a short-term plan or vice versa, we have got it covered for you.

Speaking of coverage, we do provide insurance coverage to provide you with that added assurance for a peace of mind. Whether it is to cover against unexpected circumstances like natural disasters or tragedies, or to have your mobile storage pod covered for unfortunate robberies, we have the right insurance coverage plan just for you. Upon signing our rental agreement contracts, do check with our friendly advisors the insurance plans that are in store for you. Signing up our packages are easy and effortless and contains no hidden terms and conditions.

Do not wait any further as your precious belongings need the most secure storage they could ever find at the most competitive rental rates that you could ever find in the self storage market today. Contact us today to learn of our flexible terms and conditions whether you need a short-term or a long-term storage solution.