The Platinum Removals and Storage Company now offers office storage solutions with portable self storage units at an incredibly low storage price. Office storage was never so convenient!

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Our corporate branch of the removalists team has been analyzing this aspect of the industry for a long while and we’ve come up with the conclusion that self storage is integral to assisting our business partners on an imminent move. Especially when it comes to a large company, there may be way too many things inside and within the office compounds to handle within a single day’s move. Different components need to be shifted in different times in order to coordinate with the modus operandi of the company and that’s where our business storage and office storage options come in.

Segregating different segments of the business and having our trained and professional team help you fully pack and keep all of these equipment and tools in storage while you handle moving the different departments of your company can facilitate the whole move and make the whole operation much more seamless. Decreasing the length of disruptions to your business processes can meet thousands, if not millions, of dollars of savings for your company, just by being able to move things in a way that streamlines the whole process in the most efficient way.

By combining storage and moving services together, your secretaries will thank you for making their work that much easier. You won’t have to deal with multiple vendors when it comes to organizing the office move but instead you can just trust Platinum Removals’ highly trained Move Coordinators to help you get your assets scheduled for loading and storage, as well as for delivery to your new location whenever things are ready for everything to be withdrawn from our storage facilities. Cutting down on all of that time spent on managing things the traditional way is not only more efficient, but it’s more cost effective for your business too!

And by utilising our mobile storage services, we add one more benefit into the mix – that’s the fact that every single item that’s given into our care will be placed into our portable storage modules just as you would like them to be. Since our mobile storage units are loaded up at your doorstep, you can direct how you would like things to be packed. The very same self storage units are portable storage tools that we use to show you our accountability when you entrust these things to our storage department. When we deliver the self storage units to your new location, you can see all your assets just as they were – in pristine and good condition.

You can also make use of our removalists team to handle the light tear down of workstations and dismantling of equipment so that you can really maximise the storage space in our storage units. We’ll provide ample amounts of padding and shielding tools to keep your items safely while they are in storage so that at any point of transit, all of these items are cushioned and protected from damage. For extra care, you can even look to our packing team and hire packers to assist in ensuring every single item is properly put together and organized for storage.

Let our professional removalists assist you in every aspect of your office storage. In storage and in removals, we give you our promise of integrity and professionalism in looking after all of your items under our care. Find out more about our business storage options and the storage prices for long term and short term storage for your business and make your office removals operation entirely seamless with our one-stop solutions.

Platinum Removals can give you the professional office storage services that you’re looking for!