Packing like a Pro

It takes a bit of resolve and a determination to plough through your belongings and get things packed when it’s time to move to the Northern Districts of Sydney. Take it from us! We know what it’s like because we’ve helped families across Sydney move in tight time constraints and with a mountain of things to take care of! That being said, we’d like to share some tips to help you get things organized and prepared for the big move in no time!

Room by room
Working your way slowly through the house is the best way to be thorough and complete when you’re packing. Whether you start at the top at the attic or with the bedrooms, complete what you’ve started as best that you can before you move on. It’s much more likely that you will be done packing sooner when you are systematic than if you have a number of different things to take care of at one time! A good idea would be to start with the rooms that contain items that you hardly use because there’s a less chance that you’ll have to rip open sealed boxes to access items later on!

Maximising your Boxes
These days there are a wide and varied assortment of boxes to help faciltate your packing, but the cost of all these boxes can add up if you don’t make the most of what you have! Do make sure to get double reinforced cardboard or use recyclable plastic boxes if you can to make sure that the bottoms don’t burst out from the weight of things inside. Keep a weight limit per box to further reduce the chances of this happening too! Make sure the boxes are sealed well to keep the dust and dust out too! Also, use bubble wrap for fragile items too and keep these boxes right at the top of the stack so they don’t get crushed under the weight of everything else.

Keeping Inventory
After all the packing that you’ve done, the worst thing that can happen is that you need to look for something. Whether that means digging through all the boxes to find that one item, is up to you! We highly recommend that you label all of your boxes clearly, and if you have a bit of extra time, or you are want to be a bit more thorough, you can keep an itemised inventory on paper so that in a pinch, you won’t worry about where you’ve put what!

Having an Overnight Bag
As we mentioned above, it’s good to keep a pile of neccessities close at hand, especially for the first night that you spend at your new home! Toiletries, towels, bedsheets, and fresh change of clothes are essential and packing an overnight bag would save you the trouble of having to go hunting after a long day of moving! Other items that would be useful to keep at hand are an alarm clock, a torch, some snack, plastic cups and cutlery and your charging cables. Also, why not give yourself a treat and order in food for the first night in and save yourself a bit of hassle of opening up boxes to have you dinner!

Don’t forget that these days there are options for you to hire home packing services. If you can afford it, getting one or two of these professional packers to help you take care of your items could relieve you of a big portion of your moving stress and give you the space you need to handle all the other miscellaneous things like wrapping up utilities and addresses and saying goodbye to friends and neighbours. Your moving and removals company should be able to direct you to an affordable package for packers or you can call us for a referral too!