Finding the Perfect Moving and Removals Company

These days there are plenty of people offering their services in moving and removals in Sydney CBD. It may be difficult for you to narrow down the choices to one that will work for you and amidst all the hustle and bustle of moving homes, you may not have the time to scrutinize them all! Platinum Removals holds ourselves at a very high bar because of our passion for the service we provide, so we’d like to share with you what we think is important when it comes to selecting the perfect removals company.

Quotations and Comparisons
This might seem the most tedious step of the lot, because having to receive quotations and then doing your comparisons over the different companies may be very time consuming as you have to wait for the sales consultant to make his way down to recce and survey the items that you’ll be moving. However, this is a good opportunity to ask questions and find out more about how the company works and ask exactly how you’ll be charged so you can budget for the whole removals service.

Most professional removals companies will have certified removalists who have been trained by a certain board to be proficient at the work that they do. Do remember to ask the company you are enlisting for their credentials and check their claims records for incidence rates, especially if you expect to be moving fragile or delicate items. Where applicable, ask the company if they supply any guarantees for their work done too.

Reviews and Referrals
The wonders of the internet have made it so easy to find a track record of every company online. All you need to do is look into an industry forum or search for reviews of the company to know how they have handled their past removals jobs. You can easily make judgement from there! Better yet if you can ask family or friends who have had personal experiences with their own moving companies to provide you referrals to their company because then not only is the removals company verified, they are tried and tested too!

Having a Backup
No matter what company you end up with, don’t forget to have a backup ready just in case something unexpected happens. The last thing you would expect is that the moving company has had an accident and there are no trucks to help you out or worse still, they forgot a booking, in the meanwhile you’ve already moved your items out to the sidewalk and have taken leave to get things done! We certainly hope that this will not happen to you, but it never hurts to be prepared!

When it comes to moving and removals, Platinum Removals knows that the work is a lot more than just shifting things around and getting them transported to another location. It’s about courtesy and professionalism, punctuality, and above all customer service. We hope that whoever you pick is able to offer you these and more and make house removals a pleasant if not enjoyable experience for you. If in the meantime, you’re still unsure of who to pick, why not give us a call for your Sydney moves? We’ll be happy to help you out!