Thinking about moving in together?

Going through house removals around Woollahra because you’ve got somebody who wants to share a house with you is very different from normal house removals for a lot of reasons! It’s not like moving in with a housemate or sharing your parents’ home, there’s emotional involvement and that can make this home removal a particularly complicated decision to make!

We examine some things that you may want to look at when you decide to pack up and move in together here….
1) Why move in together?
There can be lots of reasons for moving in together, but it’s a good idea to look at the reasons together and figure out why you are considering moving in together and if it’s really something that you both want – to move forward in the journey of spending your lives together! If moving in together might not make financial sense, or may be an attempt to salvage a relationship or seem like it’s “about time” then you and your partner may have to reconsider your choices.

2) Do you have similar lifestyles and interests?
Your partner may not be very different from you, but it’s a good idea to figure out if you are compatible in the same house. Does your partner like to wake up early while you like to sleep in? Or perhaps, one of you likes to have company over often and the other prefers a more quiet environment… Situations like these can affect how successful living together will be and it’s best to be prepared for what might happen

3) Are you ready to find out about their habits, good and bad?
Just like lifestyle choices, habits and personalities can be magnified when you’re living in close quarters with your partner. Perhaps you will notice that your partner likes leaving the dishes in the sink to soak while you like to wash them up immediately. And maybe your partner doesn’t wear a shirt while walking around the house or perhaps may be more than messy, leaving clothes all over the place while you tend to be a bit neater. And of course, you will find out who is more on the ball about doing chores too… Are you ready for whatever differences you may have?

4) Why not test the waters!
And when you decide to go ahead, why not have a trial run! You may even choose not to move into one of your existing home but be on the hunt for a home to share together – so before that happens, why not try out an extended period living together while you decide where your new nest is going to be. Oftentimes in a relationship, you may already be staying over most nights at your partner’s home and you’ve got a toothbrush and drawers to your name already! In that case, it seems like making it official may just be the way to go!

Moving together may not happen in every relationship, but it’s good to talk about doing it with your partner when the subject does come about. Compromises are definitely expected but it is a wonderful time to get to know more about each other! When you do come to decide to share a home together, it can be exciting to think about home removals and decorating a property that you co-own together! We wish all our customers who are thinking about sharing their home and their hearts with someone else soon and wish you all the best in your move!