Moving big furniture UP

When it comes to removals of large items at home, whether sculptures or cupboards or sofas or even dining tables, it can be quite a challenge to get them into your home, especially when the final location happens to NOT be on the ground level. Let’s not talk about having to maneuver them through doorways and into rooms too, but as professional removalists in Sydney, we have plenty of experience handling all sorts of things safely into our customers homes. So we’d like to share some tips for you if you are thinking of moving big items during removals soon!

Using the elevator
This is the easiest way to get things up to your home without too much back-breaking and sweat. Provided that you can get things into the lift, bringing your items up to your apartment will be a breeze! Make sure to check with facilities management if you will be holding up the lift from other residents in your building and also to make use of furniture padding to protect the walls and mirrors in the elevator. At the same time, find out whether the doors of the elevator can be locked open too, so you don’t have to worry about the alarm that keeps going off to warn you that the doors are going to close

Using a Furniture Hoist
Short of having to remove your door frames, you will definitely be limited by the size of the entranceway to your home. The alternative to this, would be opening your windows up so that the big items can be hoisted up to the balcony or through your windows, right into your apartment. It may be more expensive to rent equipment like this, so it would be a good idea to save this method only as a last resort and moving your regular items the traditional way.

Using Tools & Equipment
Trolleys, pulleys, belts and dollies are all extremely useful in helping you make a smooth transition from the moving van to your home. Especially if items are much heavier or bulkier than normal, dismantling and disassembly can definitely make it easier to squeeze through the doors and walkways and loads become lighter, easier to lift and carry around too! Most items can be easily purchased from a hardware store and kept in storage until you need them again. Who knows, you just might find the need to access some power tools to install things in the future!

Having moved a piano up 8 stories by installing a mini crane on the roof, we know just how technical an operation of moving big furniture into your home can be. And in addition to the methods above, here are some additional things that you may want to take note of when you are handling special or unique items into your home.
• Shift things in batches so that the weight is distributed between moves
• Protect furniture with cardboard or padding so that your items are protected
• Check with your facilities management in case you need special approvals

However you end up moving things around, be safe when handling things, especially heavy items. And don’t forget that if you are at a loss of what to do, perhaps it may be time to call the professionals in for their opinion! You can trust Platinum Removals to give you a hand at moving things around so feel free to contact us for advice on how best to move bigger items into your home!