House Removals in Different Weather Conditions

It would be wonderful if we all had clear skies and perfect weather when we are moving homes, but alas, we can’t control the weather. During snowy winter and rainy spring especially, having house removals may be more dangerous or detrimental to your items and your family if things are not done properly and safely. Platinum Removals has a lot of experience handling all sorts of different situations and we would just like to share with you some of the steps that we take when we are heading out for removals in Sydney!

Keep an Eye on the Weather
Although it might not make a difference on your plans to move, knowing is being prepared! Being aware of the weather that’s to come will help you to also be emotionally prepared for whatever may happen. Weather may affect the schedule with your removalists and even traffic conditions too! Not to mention the effect on your items in wet conditions…. Always be prepared!

Invest in Protective Sheets and Sturdy Boxes
Good packing materials make the difference between wet and dry items and even if the weather stays clear, it doesn’t hurt to have extra protection for your items. Sturdy boxes are more likely to stay intact in case they are overloaded and protective covers will also keep upholstery clean and dust-free throughout the move besides being dry!

Make sure your Insurance Covers Damage
It’s better to be safe rather than sorry, and having content insurance in place means that you can have the peace of mind when accidents happen. Some insurance policies may not include “acts of God” and certain weather conditions like hail and snow may require additional lines in the contract. It’s a good idea to confirm your coverage on your items when you are undergoing house removals and get the confirmation that your items are protected for their financial values too.

Check and Double Check items
Right before the removalists come by it’s good to do a quick once over of your items so that you can take stock of the condition of everything, just in case something happens to damage or spoil items in the midst of the move. Taking pictures of your items may help too in case you need to eventually go through claims processes with your insurers and prove that there is a change in their state.

No matter how careful your removalists are, some situations involving the weather are really unpreventable. But with the right company, you can trust that the team handling your items is doing their best to ensure that your items remain intact and secure all throughout the move and in transit too! If you’d like more hints on how to pack safely or keep your items in good condition during the move, you can look for professionally trained removalists or board certified companies to give you the peace of mind that the move will still go smoothly in all weather conditions!