Finding a Reliable Moving Company

When it comes to house removals near Warringah, it might make sense to get the professionals in to help you get your things loaded into a moving van and shipped to your new house or apartment. Handling it on your own may be a mammoth task, but can you really trust another person, or a company to do a good job? As a moving and removals company, Platinum Removals wants to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services they receive, but at the same time find the peace of mind to trust the company with the work that needs to be done.

Here are some pointers to help you do just that!
When you are short listing moving and removals companies, it’s a good idea to get online and do a little research. Reading what other people have to say about that company is a good way to judge how they will handle you and your family in different situations as well as give you insight on how well recommended they are amongst others who have already tried out their services.

Most accredited moving and removals companies will be registered with the local association for removalists or movers in your area. It might be a good idea to double check if the company of your choice is registered so that you can be assured of their professionalism and experience as well as their commitment to the training and aptitude of their removalists.

Quotations are not just a way for you to get a good gauge of how much the whole operations will cost, but will also give you a chance to meet up with the people handling the job and also ask any questions so that you can clear any doubts from your mind before you decide to hire them to carry out your removals. Take your time to speak to the sales representative who is handling the quotation and ask questions like how they will treat your items and also to ask what may or may not be included in your package.

It goes without saying that you need to take a bit of the safety and precautionary measures into your own hands. And what better way of doing this, than to ensure that you have some content insurance in place to safeguard the value of your items while they are in the hands of others or even just in transit. Some moving and removals companies will already offer you insurance, but you may want to look at the limits of compensation and top up for more coverage if required.

It’s important to take some precautions on your own when you are getting ready for the removalists to come over. During packing, you can ensure that your items are packed properly and padded to prevent damage during removals too. Check with your moving company whether they provide protective pads and whether there are additional costs involved too. Or you can look for professional home packing services to assist in doing this to doubly ensure that your items are properly taken care of.
Whichever company you end up choosing, just be prepared that unexpected situations can happen, but not to let the stress affect you in this emotional time of house removals too. Things can be easily replaced and it’s important not to let a rough house removals affect the excitement and opportunity that moving to a new location presents to you and your family! We wish you all the best!