Making Moving easier with Mobile Storage Services

The first thing you’ll want to know about getting some storage services integrated with your home or office move is to figure out when you need your self storage unit to be ready! Everything has to follow in tandem with your move and reserving your unit too early will cause you to pay a bit more than you need to. Reserving it too late may not give you the size of unit that you need or worse, there may not be one available at that short a notice! You’ll want to try and get your house affairs in order so that you can estimate just how much storage space you’ll need and start getting in touch with the different companies that provide short term or long term storage in Sydney so that everything will be ready for moving day.

At the same time, find out more from your moving and storage services provider by asking lots of questions! This may be the first time that you’re trying to use storage services to complement your move so it helps to ensure that you’re entirely clear on what will happen and how things will get from point A to point B. If you’re lucky to have found a removals company that provides you with a self storage capability (like us, Platinum Removals), things may be a little simpler since you only need to deal with one company to get everything to where it needs to go!

You can also look at leasing options. Different packages will give you a different storage prices – depending on how long you need your self storage unit for, there may be discounts that are applied for the tenure of rental of the storage unit. There are also options for climate control or like above, for moving and storage services to be packaged together to give you an even better deal. Speak to the sales representatives and don’t be shy about telling them what you need! Their job is to make sure that the package you pay for fulfills your requirements as best as the company can!

At the end of the day, you may also want to look at purchasing your own content insurance plans. We never know when something may happen in the midst of your move or while your things are in storage. While we always hope that things happen smoothly when we are moving homes, there are a lot of unexpected things that can happen when we least expect it. To prevent the loss of a great deal of money if your items are stolen or damaged while in storage or even while in transit, this insurance will help to give you a peace of mind that the value of your belongings is protected in most situations.

Using storage solutions is an easy to understand option to help complement your relocation in Sydney. You can start exploring the different moving and storage deals today with Platinum Removals by giving us a call!