Combining Moving and Storage

Moving and Storage is one of Platinum Removals’ latest options when you hire us to help you with your move and whether you’re moving just down the street or to a different city, a portable storage unit can provide you with a number of benefits that can help to preserve and protect the items on a move! Especially with the options for portable storage options with a storage unit prices that may be even cheaper than the traditional storage unit in an out-of-the-way property, you may really have the perfect solution to the hassle and inconvenience of making a move!

Moving and storage can cause a lot of your items to be shifted around or even damaged in the process of moving. While most moving companies would be certified for liabilities that happen on the move and on the road, sometimes, you can’t predict when something may happen. In situations like this, a storage unit may be a good idea to preserve some of y our most valuable items until you are able to move your items on your own in a less stressful situation, perhaps after you’re more settled in your home and there is less movement around the house! Artwork, electronics, even wine and breakables can be put safely into a self storage unit in Sydney until you feel comfortable to shift them into your new home. Climate controlled units will add an even greater aspect of protection over your belongings too!

Knowing just what you need to keep in storage while the rest of the necessities are being transported to you new home or office can ensure that you save money on moving charges, especially if you think you may need more than one truck to ferry all of your things from one place to another. All your necessities such as clothing essentials and items that are in daily use like pots and pans and toiletries should go with you while other items that are used less frequently can stay in a storage unit for a while yet! In this way, your move will be much better organized and hopefully you’ll find it a lot easier to really get comfortable in your new home!

Now that there are companies that specialise in moving and storage as a removals package, there are even more options at storage prices way cheaper than the traditional self storage system since the cost of handling from one company to the next is canceled out! With your removals company offering your storage services in their premises, it’s easy for you to have your items packed up and put aside. No more having to pay a premium on service charges for using 2 different companies, you may even save money if you are able to time your relocation too!

Getting yourself organized with moving and storage is easy and you can make use of the options for storage in Sydney to your advantage today!