How to Load up Your Moving Vehicle

Now that you’ve finalised renting your own moving truck, it’s important to know how to best utilise the space that you’ve paid for. It’s not just about getting as many things as possible in there, but more about ensuring that your items are intact and that you are safe while moving house! There IS a right and wrong way to loading up your transport so we’ve put together a small list of tips and tricks that you should make use of when you start to load up!

1 – Heavy items in the centre
Distribution of weight within the cabin of the truck or UT is very important! Heavy and bulky items in the centre help to centre the weight in the back and also work to help stabilise the vehicle. Evenly distributing the rest of your belongings in a way that helps to pack the big items in and stop them from moving around is the next step after that.

2 – Secure loose items down
For all the loose items that you’ve got, maybe boxes that aren’t compressed and would probably have the tendency to fly around the cabin, use some rope r bungee cord to make sure that they’re securely tied down. This will help to reduce the occurrence of breakage and also the all-too-scary possibility of things falling down on top of you when you open up the truck. Needless to say, this step is a definite must if you are using an open-top truck vehicle – you definitely don’t want to reach your destination to find that things have been flung out onto the road on your way over!

Another simple method of doing this could also be simply to fill up the empty spaces inside cupboards and shelves. It also makes for simpler unloading since they’re all secure within their proper storage place already!

3 – Padding, padding, padding!
For everything else that’s inside the back of your transport vehicle, use padding and bubble wrap. It will help to not only protect your items, but also to ensure that the sides of the vehicle aren’t damaged if you need to take a sharp corner. If you’re renting a truck to get things done, this could be an invaluable tip that will help to ensure you keep things in tip top shape before you return the vehicle.

At the end of the day, sometimes, we can go a little bit over or under in estimating the size of vehicle that we need for all out things and a moving and removals company can also help you to arrange for the right van to arrive at your place for loading and unloading. A lot of companies have their own special way of calculating the volume of items and ensuring that a truck big enough to fit everything in is provided to you on moving day.

And that’s what Platinum Removals promises you too if you ever need the help. But in the meantime, we hope that tips have helped you out a bit. So here’s wishing you a fantastic moving day coming up!