Downsizing – How to move into a Smaller Home

Moving and Removals companies love small movers but we know a lot of our customers tear their hair out when it comes to moving to a smaller home because there’s just so many things that they’ve got to get rid of! Platinum Removals has consolidated some of our favourite tips for when you need to move in Sydney into a smaller living space because we hope that having a little advice makes the whole process a little easier for you to deal with!

Check out your New Space
It’s really important to see how much space you’ll be dealing with in your new home! All the work that you’re going to do clearing out and clearing up will be useless if you don’t plan to maximise the space that you’ll have effectively! Knowing how much space you’ll have will help you to set your expectations right from the get-go so that you can effectively move your valuables into your new home.

Look Around
As simple as it may seem, sometimes all you really need to do, is have a good look around to see what items are worth keeping and what needs doing away with. Check especially the storage rooms, which tend to be the most daunting spaces when it comes to clearing up and the general rule of thumb is, anything you don’t remember ever having, or what you haven’t used in the last year or so, ought to go!

And when you’re done looking around…

Get rid of it!
Nobody likes to hear this when it comes to items that you’ve built sentimental attachment to, but even if you’re not downsizing, it’s important to do something about all the things that you’ve decided to get rid of! A garage sale or giving away the things which can still be used to charity are a good bet for effective ways of getting rid of all the junk for good!

Multi-purpose Items
Especially in the garage and the kitchen, there are tonnes of accessories and equipment for doing things, most of them very specialised and unique. But these days, there are a lot of options for all-in-one machines that don’t compromise on quality and efficiency of the machine or tool. It may be a good idea to look at different implements in the shops to see whether one item can replace 2 or more and thereby helping you save a little space!

And if you aren’t able to get things cleared, don’t fret! Even after moving, the big clean up and downsizing exercise doesn’t end! Be careful about buying new things that might not go into your new space and keep looking around for things that you don’t seem to be using even after you’ve moved. Good luck!