Tipping Your Removals Guys

Not this is an interesting yet controversial topic. Not many people would think twice about the movers for Melbourne and removalists for Sydney that come by to help you move your items on moving day, but it does go without saying that even a kind word or a “Thank You” goes a long way for us and it lets us know that you appreciate the work that we do!

Well, we wouldn’t want you to feel obligated regarding tipping because we know that tipping is more of a gift of appreciation and is definitely dependant on the work and moving services that you’ve received. Here’s a few ideas and tips for you if you are thinking about showing us your thanks after a day of work!

  • You don’t have to give us money
    Tipping is all about the gesture! We don’t really expect anything from our clients to be honest. At the end of the day, a simple thank you and a smile from you helps us know that we’re not just some lowly worker who’s doing the dirty work (although that IS what it is). It makes us feel like people when you acknowledge us after we’ve moved things around.
  • A cold drink or even some snacks work just as well too!
    The heavy lifting is really quite gruelling so offering some refreshments will definitely be very welcome! Avoid giving alcohol though, we need our team to be focused on the job so they can handle things quickly and efficiently. At the same time, it may also be against company regulations to be drinking on the moving job… You can also choose to buy the team some lunch if that is something you prefer. Do just check with team if there’s anything that they would like to have and go for it!
  • And if you do decide to tip…
    Just take a little time out to give each tip to the workers individually instead of to the leader – it shows that each person is just as important and appreciated for the service that they’ve provided to you.

While we know that many customers put a fair amount of trust in us to handle their family heirlooms and precious belongings, our movers may not have diplomas and degrees to do their job, and sometimes that causes people to overlook us as service professionals. However many of our workers do go through classes to get certifications of competency so that they can carry out their jobs to the fullest ability.

And as with any other professional who is dedicated at his or her work, being appreciated by the people to whom we provide our services to gives us job satisfaction and helps us to continuing giving of our best in the work we do each day.