How to move safely!

With so many people moving their items to their new homes on their own these days, it’s inevitable that we would need to share some important safety tips! Platinum Removals has a lot of experience in handling both large and small scale moves and we think that it’s important to make sure that you take the precaution when trying to carry out your own removals Sydney operation! Here are some quick tips…

  • Load items Safely
    There is an efficient method of getting things onto your moving truck in such a way that you’ll be safe from falling objects when the storage compartment is opened up at your destination. Keep heavy items and bulky items centred so that the weight is evenly distributed. This will help you keep safe while on the move and prevent the truck from tipping over while you’re transporting your items!
  • Use Tools
    Not everything can be handled well with pure brute strength, that’s why there are tools and equipment of the trade that can help you out! Making use of pulleys and dolleys and protective padding could make a difference between getting your item safely moved from one place to another and in one piece!
  • Take breaks!
    And don’t try to be a hero! Even heroes need a bit of a breather. Take a while to have a seat and drink some water. Make sure that you’ve also had a good night’s rest the day before the big move. Keeping hydrated and reenergised will help you to complete the job while you’re alert and aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Purchase Insurance
    Perhaps the most no-brainer tip here. Accidents CAN happen, so always make sure that all your bases are covered! If something happens, you’ll want to be prepared for the consequences.

And of course, not every situation is ideal for you to handle on your own, no matter the good intentions. For example if you are helping elderly parents or are in a rush for time, or even if the items that you have need a little bit more man power in order to get them from one place to the next, think about getting the professionals on the job!

Just remember, that you do have the option to take a look at how a professional moving company can help you out. Platinum Removals and other companies can offer you a number of other services like packing and furniture arrangement, that can help to complement your move. We wish you the best with your upcoming move and hope that things move smoothly and quickly for you and your family!