Getting Ready for A Moving Sale

When you decide to move homes and are expecting the house removals to come in and bring your things to your new house or apartment, the biggest task there is to do is pack. And it’s inevitable that you’ll decide not to bring some things along with you. But instead of throwing things away, what about holding a garage or moving sale so that you can earn a little off your items and perhaps put the money towards your moving costs!

Platinum Removals gives you 4 simple steps to host a simple and successful moving sale here!
1) Plan and Organize
You can nip this step in the bud as you are packing for your home removals. As you separate your things into piles – for bringing with you, for throwing away and for giving away, why not turn the giveaway pile into a for sale pile instead! It might be hard to decide what can be sold away especially if you are a sentimental person, but think about the space you will save in your new home and for the options that you will have to replace the item that you are going to sell away!

2) Advertise!
Take a little time to get the word out – print out some flyers and paste them around the neighbourhood, share it on your facebook page and tell all your friends to spread the news too! The more people that know about your sale, the more people are going to turn up, and the more things you are going to sell! You can be specific about the things that you are selling, showcase different items and highlight popular products and interesting items to really draw in the interest of the crowd. If you are getting rid of clothes, then sizes and brand names will definitely help you to attract more people too!

3) Keep it cheap!
The lower your prices are, the easier they will sell, and if you’ve ever been to a flea market, you’ll notice that prices get slashed closer and closer to the end of the day because nobody wants to bring anything home! If you don’t have time to label all the items a different price, or keep inventory of how much the different things are, you can consider a one price fits all kind of sale so that you win on some items and lose on some others! And remember to keep yourself open for offers if someone really wants to buy something but doesn’t agree with your price!

4) Create a welcoming environment!
Play some music and let people test out the merchandise. Let them sit in the chairs and perhaps put out some drinks for the people that come by. The longer people loiter around your goods, chance of them buying increases proportionately! Of course having proper display for your items help too – using coat racks and having clothes up on hangers increases the perceived value of your items and could help you avoid having to compromising on price for the more valuable items.

No matter what happens during your garage sale, whether you make a killing or don’t get the turn out that you’d like, take the results in your stride. Call some friends over to help you out and perhaps have a beer or two while waiting for neighbours to come by and check out your wares! At the end of the day, donate the rest of the items to the needy or less fortunate and give thanks that you were able to bless someone else with things that you no longer need and make a bit of money out of the whole experience too! Here’s wishing you all the best on your business-for-a-day!