Your Moving Checklist

House removals on the horizon means that your household is in a flurry of activity – everybody is getting ready for the big move, there’s packing and sorting and perhaps a lot of social outings to say goodbye to the hard and fast friends that you’ve made before now. Having to make headway on the move and the things associated with the move seems like you’re dragging your feet to the gallows, but eventually….

Let Platinum Removals Hills District help you with a simple list of things to take care of when it comes to moving so that you can get a headstart on what needs to be done.

Notifying Everyone
Besides telling your friends and family, it’s a good idea to start sending notices out to the different companies and bodies that send you mail. That means banks, the utilities, your cell phone company and pretty much all the people that bill you for things, they need to be informed of your new or forwarding address so that you can keep up to date with your payments and ensure that you have cell services and running water and electricity when you get to your new home!

Getting Packing Supplies
The first step of packing, is having the right packing supplies at hand! This means boxes, packing tape, scissors, labels, markers, protective padding or bubble wrap and trash bags. You can check with your moving and removals companies whether they can take care of this item on the list for you (and at a discount) or you can look out for recycled cardboard boxes at the nearest recycling centre. Once everything has been brought back home, it’s just a matter of getting started!

Labelling and Taking Inventory
The easiest way to get stressed up during a move, is when you cannot find something. So label everything and take inventory! It’s important to have a list of what went where just in case you need an important document, or realised that you need a formal suit for an important function or even something as simple as where you put your toolbox. Labelling everything will also make it easier for your removalists to help you unload things at your new house because you can easily direct them where each box needs to go.

Double confirm your details
Coming closer to the moving date, it’s important to check your list of to-dos, and check it twice! Delivery dates and power cut off times, when the moving vans are supposed to arrive and even schools and office starting dates too, check them all so that you can be ready for this new chapter of life! Also just in case something crops up when you are doing your checks, it pays to have be prepared with a backup plan too.

Most moving and removals companies will provide you a detailed moving checklist, if you check with them upon securing their services. At the same time, some may even have professional moving coordinators assist you with getting your affairs in order and helping to arrange that the whole move goes without a hitch. It may pay to engage such services if you can afford it so that you can take the time to do all those other things that need doing. Check with Platinum Removals how our moving system caters to our individual clients and find out how passionate we are about giving you the quick and stress-free move that you deserve!