Unpacking – Where to begin?!

All the moving boxes are in their places! Now what?

It’s been a long day hasn’t it! Getting the moving and removals company coordinated and then hefting all those heavy things from one place to the next… It’s a good thing that that’s all over and done with! Having your packing boxes placed in their respective rooms, the only thing left to do, is to start opening them up and putting your things in the right place!

Here’s a handy packing guide to get you started:

1) The Kitchen
It might seem like this is a room that might need the most work – breakables and appliances abound in the boxes that fill this room up! Which is why it’s a good idea to start here to take stock of whether everything is intact or if anything needs replacing. Once everything is set up, at least the glasses and plates will be ready for the family to just hang out while the rest of the house is getting tidied up.

2) The Toilet
The utilities should be next on the list, because besides making sure that you’ve got toilet rolls and your daily necessities in place when you need it, it’s also a good idea to check that all the pipes and water is running okay.

3) The Living Room
If you’re lucky, you’ll have an idea of where you want everything to go, and the removalists would have everything set down just the way you’d like it. If you’re not so lucky, things may be shoved against a wall so that people can walk through the living and dining areas without furniture in the way. If the latter is the case, take a little while to draw things out but at least you’re not so much in a rush now with almost everything else taken care of! Take your time to get things set right!

4) The Bedroom
This room may possibly be higher up on the list, depending on what time you are done with removals Sydney the first day that you’re in your new home. The removals personnel should have already put mattresses in place, so all you need to do is really pull off the protective plastic and get some protectors and bedsheets on. Personal effects in this room are somewhat less important and can be slowly put into place once the more necessary items are put to rights.

Now this is really just a rough guide. If it’s not just you in the new home, it’s really quite a simple thing to delegate and assign the kids or your room mates to tackle the different rooms of the house and when they’re done with their bit to help someone else who isn’t! Just remember that you need to start somewhere.
Before you know it, everything will be just the way it needs to be and you can get down to the business of enjoying your spanking new apartment or house!