Things to do to prepare for your Office Move

There seem to be a lot of things that need to be put in order now that the move has been confirmed, the contracts for the new lease have been finalised and the renovations are underway for your new location. It’s an exciting time for your business, but what is there to do next so that you can really make sure the move has been planned just right. We list some things that business owners sometimes forget to do in all of the hustle and bustle of a move here and we hope that it helps you get ahead when the office move is nearing!

Communicate with Clients
The people who are going to be the most affected by an office are your clients! Your employees might see the removals as a bit of a break from normal every day work, but your clients who need services done and things, they will have to factor in a delay to their plans. Do ensure that you put up notices or send out emails to your clients and regular customers so they will know that there will be temporary hold ups during the period of your move and when business as usual will be resumed.

You can even turn this into a great opportunity for your company by taking the time to thank them for their support and explain to them how the move will benefit them in the long run – better organization, better division amongst the departments, more services offered… Clients love to hear that their patronage is appreciated and that you value their business!

Check out Removals Quotes
Don’t fall for the low-balling removals quote because when you’re removal a business, you’re removal on the clock! What you want is a trustworthy and reliable removal and removals company that guarantees that you will be moved by a certain date and time
Especially the extra services! Removals companies love working for corporate clients because of the scale in which they move so ask about what packages they have for you and whether they can bundle in packing material or even packing services for you! If all the services come from one company, not only are you going to save money on your removals budgets, but you’ll have less people to deal with and coordinate on removal day!

Take Advantage of the Move to get Organized!
You may have hired the removalists to come in and pack things up for you, but don’t forget to throw things out before you go! There are probably a lot of documents and obsolete material lying around that you really don’t need to move with you to your new premises! Make it a fun time and perhaps get your employees in to have a clean out day so that they tidy up their work desks and offices and guarantee that your new office will be in good order too!

We at Platinum Removals Sydney want your office removals to happen without a hitch, so don’t forget that removals companies provide you with Office Removal Checklists which list out what you need to undertake to have a smooth flowing office move. Or call us and get one of our office removalists in Sydney experts to help you plan and organize your move!