How to minimize Downtime during Office Removals

Removals can be stressful for anybody, and even more so when it’s your office that’s going through the move. Everything goes all topsy turvy and things are out of place. What’s going to happen to the accounts, the phone calls and the emails? What about the work that needs to be done and the applications that need to be processed? Every moment lost is a lost opportunity to do business and wrap up a deal, so how can we reduce the time that the business is out of action?

Weekend or After hours Removals
This is a pretty simple solution which a lot of removals companies in Sydney offer. All you need to do is get one or 2 staff to supervise the move over the weekend so that operations during the normal work week are not affected. Most companies have the right tools and equipment to get the job well done during the day, so can you imagine how much quicker things will happen after office hours when noone is walking around and getting in the way of the removalists?

Getting Professional Help
Removals Companies sometimes assign you professional coordinators or planners who can help you to monitor and execute removals. This is going to allow your employees their own space to handle their own desk spaces and carry out their responsibilities while someone else takes over the direction and supervision of the removals team. Better yet if they help you take care of permits and approvals that are required to carry out the removals operation on removal day too – then you can really focus on your core business processes while someone takes care of everything!

Assign a team to handle the Big Move
Having a core team able to oversee the office removal ensures that the removalists will be directed by someone from the company who know what needs to be done. While having someone help to oversee the job is good, they sometimes may not really understand why or how things need to be set up in the new office. An internal employee would also be better at directing removalists away from on-going meetings or important discussions going on at the time of removals too!

Get things done in the new location before hand
Whatever can be done at the new office like getting documents and facilities set up, can and should be carried out before removal day! Ensuring that there is electricity and the pantries are stocked, that the internet is enabled and telephone lines are working means that come the next working day when everyone has turned up at the new office, they can really just get to it and go about their daily responsibilities!

With office removals, downtime is inevitable and unfortunately, businesses may suffer a short lapse in productivity for the day or two that the removalists are in your Sydney office. But remember that when things are done and dusted, you’ll have a new office with better facilities and upgraded utilities in which to carry out your business. And isn’t that a lovely thing to look forward to!