Managing an Office Move on a Tight Schedule

Downtime is the bane of every Sydney business owner’s operations and profit margins. Being out of action means money is being lost for every minute you can’t do work. And when you undertake an office movers, that means computers aren’t going to be plugged in, employees won’t have desks to sit at, documents are going to be packed away and the removalists are running in and out of your rooms getting everything loaded! What a hullabulloo!

When it comes to office moving, business owners need to remember that they should have begun planning yesterday if there’s a removal day somewhere down the line. Here we put together a list of things that you need to consider along the way or make a note of in your schedule so that things can more along smoothly on removal day for your company!

Why Move?
A business needs to have its affairs in order and even more so when you need to move! Ensuring that your finances and leases are in check can make a difference on how you arrange your move and how it will be carried out. At the same time, if there’s a big reason for your move like you need upsize or downsize, it will also determine your next office space and whether all your things can go into it or not.

Plan Ahead
This is related to the first point but more in depth because you don’t want to be removal into a new office space only to realise that you have to make another move because it doesn’t fit your needs. Removal may take a lot out of your work day and we want to minimize all downtime remember? Aim for a location that will serve your purposes at least for the next 3-5 years. Look at your business plans and forecasts for your company and look at new locations accordingly.

Keep your Employees in the Loop
As soon as things are firmed up, you need to let your employees know what is in the pipelines so that they can be prepared for the big day. Most people want to feel like they are a part of the company so perhaps creating a Removals task team to help coordinate everybody else might be a good thing to do as well. Perhaps asking them for decoration ideas for the new location and other opinions on what their new office space should look like too? After all, happy employees means better employee retention!

Get a Checklist
Start listing down the things that need to be done so that you can get prepared for the move. Sorting out the electricity and utilities of the old building and getting transfers and approvals are only part of the work! Renovation and building works need to be factored in too! Getting the professional removalists to execute the move for you would be a good move too so that you can focus on your business and let someone else do the move for you since that is what they are good at!

Whatever you think of doing for your move in Sydney, knowing that you’re on a deadline should only encourage the business to be more organized and prepared. The more well prepared you are for the office move, the smoother things will go!