What to Expect when Removal Office

Not everybody has ever had to experience an office move. If you’re lucky, you land yourself in a job where the company has established in a building for eons and eons and most likely will still stand right where it is when you have moved on. But chances are if you’ve joined a growing business in Sydney or even started up a company yourself, you will have to experience office removal in Sydney from one place to another.

Getting Organized and Having a Schedule
Consensus from some of our corporate customers is that a company move should be planned at least 6 months before any rent or lease contracts are due for renewal so that you can plan out how things need to move. It’s important to schedule things so that you have ample time to get ready new contracts and leases and arrange for the removalists to come in. If permits and approvals are needed, this lead time should provide you with ample allowance to get things sorted before you have to vacate the current office premises.

You will have to obviously start packing things! Most offices leave packing up until the last minute because if your computers and documents are all put away into boxes for the removalists to whisk away, there’s not really much left that can be worked on by your staff and employees is there? But what you can start doing is looking at the things that have been put away in storage rooms and perhaps the pantry and other less-used facilities that don’t impact your daily business. What you pack today will save you time packing when you’re down to the wire for removal day.

Getting Help
Lots of removal and removals companies cater specifically for offices and their special requirements like dismantling work stations and handling sensitive equipment. Many business will offer you packing services and even the packing materials to boot when you hire them so don’t be shy to ask about what else the removalists can offer you and your business to help you save time and money on your next office move!

Put a Team Together
If you have enough staff and employees to handle day to day jobs, why not get some of them to take an hour or two out to organize everybody else instead of taking everything on on your own! It could take a lot of stress out of your hands having some trustworthy coordinators handling the work of getting everyone else in order. There’s no better relief knowing that on removal day, you have some helpers around reminding and making sure that everyone else is ready for the big move!

Removal office in Sydney can seem like a daunting task, but take each step as it comes and ask for a removal checklist from your removalists if you can. With a few of your employees and secretaries or even letting a coordinator from the removals company handle the job, things will happen smoother than you expect and you’ll be able to enjoy your new premises before you know it!

Good luck!